Any way to check charging rate on phone?

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  1. Tangent

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    I want to install a USB charging port in my car similar to this. Before I disassemble the cig lighter adapter I have and put it inside the console, I want to make sure that it's one that can provide a full charge, not just a trickle. I'd read that the trick is to get one rated at 1000mA which I did, but I've also read that some charger with that rating still can't provide more than a trickle charge. Short of plugging in my phone to that charger and using it for a while to see how quickly it charges, is there any way to see if the phone is getting a trickle or full charge?

  2. Tangent

    Tangent Well-Known Member

    I randomly found the answer to my own question this morning. A co-worker just traded in her Backflip for an HTC Aria and came by to show me. I recommended a few apps, including AppBrain and the Fast Web Installer. To demonstrate how the Fast Web Installer worked I went to the Appbrain website on my PC to push an app to my phone. Since I didn't feel like just pushing something to it that I didn't want and would just remove right away, I browsed for a second and found OS Monitor

    Later I opened that App to see if it was worth keeping, and on its "Misc" tab it shows Battery status, including if its charging or not, and then if it's connected to AC power or USB power. Luckily my car charger shows up as AC power. If anyone else is looking for a decent car charger, the one for $1.16 at delivers plenty of power. :)

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