Any way to enter emergency callback mode without calling 911?Support

Last Updated: 2014-01-16 13:13:50
  1. flarn2006

    flarn2006 Active Member

    I want to see what the emergency mode looks like, but I don't have an emergency, so I'm not going to call 911. If there isn't any way to do it without calling 911, does anybody have any screenshots?

  2. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    I don't think there is a way to trigger it without calling 911. All it does is disable use of the phone except for calls and turns on GPS for them to find you.
  3. superstretch

    superstretch Well-Known Member

    Yeah, its not a huge deal. I've called 911 4 times in the past year (I happen to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, including being followed by a homicidal drunk, watching my wife and dog almost hit by a crotch rocket doing over 100, witnessing a bank robbery, and watched a 3-car accident occur that resulted in a medevac).

    It basically turns your phone into a bricked beacon for a while. You get a snazzy little icon, but that's about it.
  4. flarn2006

    flarn2006 Active Member

    I want to know what it looks like though, and I can't find any screenshots. And there is a way to manually exit emergency mode, right? Even if you need to restart the phone? (And what if it's a prank call and you don't want them to find you? It's just a thought; I wouldn't really do that.)
    I tried "calling" 911 in the emulator, but nothing out of the ordinary happens.
  5. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    You can't manually get out of it, I believes it only lasts for 5 mins. If you prank call 911 you can be arrested so it wouldn't be advisable to do so
  6. flarn2006

    flarn2006 Active Member

    Lol, I'm not saying I would prank call 911. :eek: If I did not only would I be arrested, but real emergency calls might not be answered in time.
    But you can't exit emergency mode manually? Even if you restart the phone? Is that a bug or is it by design? Sounds like something that could be fixed by rooting.
  7. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    It is by design, I don't think it can be changed by rooting. It is a safety feature more than anything else. So I assume you didn't need to call 911 for the earthquake earlier today?
  8. cinsu

    cinsu New Member

    Normally I am just a lurker and apparently I am limited and can't post any pictures. I have some screenshots of the different screens that kick in when you are in emergency callback mode if somebody would like to PM their email to me and I will send them over for you to post them.

    Also to OP I appreciate you not calling 911 simply to see what it looks like, as juvenile as that sounds myself and my coworkers across the country receive several hundred phone calls a day of hangups, misdials and butt dials.
  9. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Can you upload the pics somewhere and post the URL or PM it to me?
  10. cinsu

    cinsu New Member

    Flarn, I emailed them to you but I am also able to post images now! Here they are. The first 2 are while a call is in progress, the rest are after you hang up. The last one is the screen that comes up when you select "Emergency Callback mode" in the drop down menu. Any other questions let me know! By the way the GPS in these is amazing for 911 calls. It pinpointed me from the basement floor of a 3 story brick building down to 4 meters.

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  11. flarn2006

    flarn2006 Active Member

    First of all, where did it tell you that? Just wondering. Second, I don't think that would just be for 911 calls. Sure, that may be its main purpose, but if the hardware is there to give that accurate a reading, I would think it would use the same method for all GPS usage, wouldn't you?
  12. cinsu

    cinsu New Member

    I am a 911 operator, that's how I am able to do this without it being illegal. On our phone system we can see the tower the caller is connected to and when it is receiving Phase II data we can see a latitude, longitude, accuracy and confidence readings. Verizon acquires phase II 911 data by tower triangulation and if available, by GPS. When these are combined it is called A-GPS (assisted GPS). When you turn GPS off on your phone you can go to google maps and it will show your location as the tower you are connected to, when GPS is on you can see your location and it is using the same A-GPS data as 911 receives to give your location in this way on google maps. We can also do a manual query on your location if we know the tower you are connected to without you calling 911. Having GPS enabled or disabled has no bearing on our ability to get your location, your phone will force enable GPS when you call, that is what emergency mode does.
  13. flarn2006

    flarn2006 Active Member

    I know that, but you implied that the location was more accurate in a 911 call than in Google Maps, etc. While 911 is obviously more important, there's no reason why Google Maps shouldn't have that high of an accuracy as well. They both have the same accuracy as long as GPS is enabled, right?
  14. jhb

    jhb New Member

    A few points of interest:

    1) The exact appearance will depend on the phone you're using. At the highest level, I'm pretty sure that only CDMA phones support the Emergency Callback Mode.

    2) To see what ECM looks like in the emulator, you must first place the emulator in CDMA mode (see above). Go to Settings --> Wireless & networks --> Mobile networks --> Network Settings --> Network Mode (defaults to Global). I usually select "CDMA w/o EvDo". Now make your 911 call.

    3) The emulator always enters ECM at the START of the emergency call. Thus, ECM exits 5 minutes later, possibly while the call is still active! Many phones I've seen enter ECM at the END of the call. Not sure which way is most correct, or if it even matters, as long as the 5-minute timer starts at the end of the call.

    4) If you REALLY want to call 911 for testing, call their non-emergency number first and ask if it's OK. Some centers will give permission as long as you immediately tell the dispatcher that you're just testing a phone. But don't overdo it!
  15. Shadowjumper

    Shadowjumper New Member

    Dial 112. Found it by accident on my RAZR M. Verizon 4G

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