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Any way to fix wallpaper gradients??

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  1. TunaNoCrust

    TunaNoCrust Active Member

    It seems that any wallpaper with a gradient or any shading or glowing is displayed like in 8-bit style. What I mean by that is this.
    Its really making alot of wallpapers look hideous and would like to know what I can do to make it look the way it should. Thanks in advance.

  2. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

    This was the example a lot of people gave due to the EVO only displaying 65,000 colors as opposed to the other devices having in the millions and looking a lot smoother.
  3. TunaNoCrust

    TunaNoCrust Active Member

    I used this picture as an example because it showed my exact problem.

    Most of my wallpapers with any kind of gradient or glowing is shown this way and I want to find a solution.
  4. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

    I wish you luck! If you search for the threads about the EVO's 65,000 color display you will find this topic discussed in lots of detail........
  5. newone757

    newone757 Well-Known Member

    as a graphic type person, this irks the hell outta me. Almost all my fav wallpapers look like sh on the evo
  6. TunaNoCrust

    TunaNoCrust Active Member

    I noticed that the stock wallpapers have no trouble with this. Is there anything I can change on the picture itself? Like settings wise?
  7. newone757

    newone757 Well-Known Member

  8. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

  9. TunaNoCrust

    TunaNoCrust Active Member

  10. newone757

    newone757 Well-Known Member

    Great! All you did was add a little noise right?
    If you could put some before and after pics from the phone thatd be great

    i just gotta stop being lazy and apply this to my 200+ wallies. Gonna have to do it with a batch operation, i dont have the patience lol
  11. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

    So does that mean it is not an issue with the amount of colors that the EVO displays or it still is but this is something to just mask it?
  12. TunaNoCrust

    TunaNoCrust Active Member

    Just so this can be used as a reference, i'm gonna go a little in dept here.

    These methods work in getting rid of the banding lines but what I figured out was to keep the quality, you need to do alot of tweaking and messing around. What I found out was adding a gaussian blur on a new layer thats slightly transparent and adding a little noise on a overlay layer thats slightly transparent is the trick.

    This took me 2 mins to do. (Its 6:22am on fourth of July, I'll put up better examples later)

  13. TunaNoCrust

    TunaNoCrust Active Member

    What got me thinking was some of my camera pictures and other pictures in the gallery look stunning but anything I transfer via pc had horrible banding. Didnt make any sense at all. I'm no expert but adding a little blur and noise almost tricks the evo's screen.
  14. newone757

    newone757 Well-Known Member

    i still se very slight banding and can notice the noise. But its a hell of alot better than before. Thats for sure. Its managable
  15. MonkeyBoy2000

    MonkeyBoy2000 Well-Known Member

    Very glad to see this topic.
    I do digital art with my EVO ( with apps like Canvas / Sketchbook / PaintJoy pro/ Magic Doodle and Sketcher)
    The banding is unacceptable.
    While it is possible to add grain to images and half-arse fix the problem, I'm assuming that there is nothing that can be done to correct the display ?
  16. Kaessa

    Kaessa Well-Known Member

  17. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns! VIP Member

    I just encountered this on my Evo, and I'm very thankful to find this old thread. I've done a lot of testing and this is what I've concluded:

    1) The Gallery app is what's causing the banding. For images with gradients, the gallery is trying to be smart by downsampling the color range so that perhaps the background is not too taxing on the CPU when scrolling the homescreens. The banding is NOT a limitation of the Evo's max 16-bit color depth. Banding should not be THAT bad with 65k colors.

    2) In some circumstances (like different image formats: gif, jpg, png, etc), the set wallpaper preview image will look perfect (no banding), but when it actually sets the wallpaper, it downsamples it. In other cases, even the preview is banded.

    3) When viewing images with gradients via the Gallery app, zooming in displays a flawless image, again proving that the 16-bit is pretty good at preventing obvious banding. But when the image is not zoomed in, sometimes it is blurry, sometimes it's banded, and sometimes, it's sharp. I attribute this to bugs in the Gallery image rendering.

    4) I flashed MIUI 1.3.18 (gingerbread). The Gallery app for this ROM loads images flawlessly with no banding. Setting wallpapers is fine as well. All this supports my theory that it's the stock Gallery app that sucks. I'm not sure if the Gallery app in MIUI is custom, or if it's the stock gingerbread version. If it's stock, then this problem goes away if/when your device gets gingerbread.

    5) I tried the "add noise" technique above and it fixed the issue. I was also able to tweak the level of noise addition to the point where it was less noticeable but still fooled the Gallery app to not downsample the colors too much.

    Hope this helps.
  18. Ryjabo

    Ryjabo Well-Known Member

    It is a software issue. As someone already suggested, use "Wallpaper Set And Save" from the market. It's the easiest solution.

    Another way you can see it: open a high-res pictures with gradients in the web browser and keep it open. Save that picture and open it up in the Gallery.
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  19. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Dang you are right. The difference between using the gallery app and WSS is massive.

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