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Any way to fully recover after rooting and installing a mod on a magic?

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  1. Hello, Before I jump into the rooting world of my magic (updated with the sense ui update) I wanted to know some info. I am newer to android and have been using jailbroken iphones for the past few years. This was easy to do and if I ever wanted to I could go back to stock FW without Rogers or Apple even knowing. I am wondering I this is the same with the Magic. I want to root and install CM 5.0.7 and understand I need to update the radio as well. Can I just go back to my regular stock Magic if I don't like it or rogers cuts me off? is it easy to do? Thanks for any help you can give


  2. nicracine

    nicracine Well-Known Member

    Others will correct me if I am wrong, but I think you just need to apply the Rogers update patch again.

    I had a rooted Magic before the Sense UI Patch came out, and I applied it without any problem. The patch updated the OS and the radio.

    Of course, I regretted it every day until I was able to root my phone again. :) But that' beside the point.

    Nicolas Racine
  3. CooL_SpoT

    CooL_SpoT Well-Known Member

    Confirmed. Simply re-run the Rogers RUU and your phone will be reverted to the Rogers firmware as though you had never rooted it.

    Edit: As a matter of fact, I used exactly this technique while I was rooting my Magic and got hopelessly lost and confused. Re-applied the Rogers firmware and started over again, worked like a charm.
  4. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    That Rogers ruu saved my Magic a couple of times as well.
  5. jscrimshaw

    jscrimshaw Active Member

    Follow the tutorial provided by GreatBigDog on his blog to root.. As long as you use the Dream radio as stated in the steps, you wont lose data.. I have been using Cyanogen since Test4 and its been working like a charm and I still have data. Also in GBD's tutorial, there is a link to creat a goldcard. This is important as it allows you to revert back to the pre E911 RUU so that the phone can be rooted.. This goldcard will be needed to revert back to the post e911 Rogers RUU if you don't like Cyanogen... Good Luck

  6. Thanks guys, Its a lot more steps then jailbraking an iphone haha..... Im still not sure if I will go through with this since I will be getting the new iphone soon and giving this phone to my girlfriend. Really I like the android system better then apples, but I had my last iphone for over 2 years and didn't really complain about it much at all. I liked how apple was in control of the phones OS and didn't feel that my phone was too outdated even when the new model came out. Yes I jailbroke it but that was just for the fun of it. With my Magic (and Dream 2 months before that) I have felt since the first month that my phone was outdated and I have to jump through hoops to get it even close to the rest. This is only a few months later.... "How will it look when a 3 year contract is finishing?" Honestly I thought the same question when I bought my iphone at first but like I said I didn't feel outdated at all 2 years into the contract. Anyway now I do have a full free day today yay..... so do I for fun root this phone :)
  7. Well I was board enough! I just finished modding the phone, now to see what its like :)

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