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  1. Recyclist

    Recyclist New Member

    Does anyone know if there is a way to set SMS messages received from one specific contact to have no audible notification but all other contacts still have an audilbe notification? I went into the contact card for this one contact and set a silent ringtone, but this no affect when text messages are received, I still get the same notification sound that I get for all other text.

  2. jlear3

    jlear3 Well-Known Member

    just get a silent ringtone and apply it to that contact.
  3. Recyclist

    Recyclist New Member

    Yea, like I said, I tried that. I think the ringtone would only come into effect if I got a call from this contact, which doesn't happen. It's text notifications I get for work. So, I haven't been able to find how to set a seperate or silent text notification for this contact. I was able to do it on my previous phone, an HTC EVO 4G.
  4. bananachunks

    bananachunks Member

    WhoIsIt Lite from the market works great. A bit of a pain to setup, but does just what I needed.

  5. Recyclist

    Recyclist New Member

    Thanks. I might try it, although the reviews in Market aren't all that great, a lot of people reporting it force closes a lot. I hadn't thought of an App for this, like I said, on my EVO, I was able to do it with the functions already on the phone.
  6. Recyclist

    Recyclist New Member

    Actually, I just found a setting in Handcent SMS that let's me do this. It's probably how I did it on the EVO, too.
  7. bananachunks

    bananachunks Member

    Nice find.

    The Google Voice app (and the Contacts app on my Thunderbolt/CM7) doesn't have that functionality, and I needed to be able to differentiate a new group contact from the other "real" texts I get. It's definitely something that would be nice to have built-in on the AOSP Contact app...
  8. jkrezdorn

    jkrezdorn Member

    Yea I have handsent and am able to give each contact a personal ring tone. I have only done this after I receive a text from them.

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