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Any way to receive Bluetooth audio?General

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  1. lnhs2007

    lnhs2007 Well-Known Member

    I want to plug in ear buds and use my phone as Bluetooth headphones for streaming a2db audio. Any way Android can do this? Seems simple enough, but I'm no dev, and I can't find this anywhere after about two hours googling.

  2. Austrie

    Austrie Well-Known Member

  3. Firewill10

    Firewill10 Well-Known Member

    There is an app on market called btmono. Works great for my mono bluetooth device
  4. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    I use a Samsung HS3000 stereo Blutooth adapter, let's you use any headset as a stereo hands free device and works and sounds great.
  5. lnhs2007

    lnhs2007 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies, but I guess my post wasn't clear enough.
    I want to plug in earbuds and use my phone to receive Bluetooth a2db audio from a separate Bluetooth audio transmitter. There's plenty of ways to SEND a2db audio to a stereo or car, but I'm looking to RECEIVE it. The end goal is to be able to stream audio out of my TV and listen through my phone's corded earbuds, rather than buying a pair of very expensive Bluetooth headphones. I'd basically be turning whatever earbuds I plug in into Bluetooth headphones.
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  6. Austrie

    Austrie Well-Known Member

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  7. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    The solution that I posted only cost me about $25 from NewEgg and let's me use any of my headphones or earbuds with Bluetooth, it also has transport controls built in so that I can control the player from the adapter without having to unlock the phone. Has AptX compression also for those devices that support it.
  8. edudi

    edudi New Member

  9. edudi

    edudi New Member

    I want receive audio from TV, not from PC, to my Android phone, for I don
  10. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

  11. deathsled

    deathsled Well-Known Member

    Your tv has bluetooth?
  12. lnhs2007

    lnhs2007 Well-Known Member

    I'm going out of the headphone jack into a Bluetooth transmitter. Just need the phone to be able to pick it up now.
  13. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Convenience? Cord length, or freedom to move about?
  14. edudi

    edudi New Member

    Because I don
  15. edudi

    edudi New Member

  16. harpdoc

    harpdoc New Member

    I'm also looking to do the exact same thing. I want to send audio from my entertainment system to my Avantree Saturn bluetooth transceiver, then receive the audio on my phone. I'm coming up empty in all my searches. Frustrating.:confused:
  17. ultraali453

    ultraali453 New Member

    I'm trying to do the same exact thing. I just want everyone in the room to be able to listen to the TV using just their smartphone. Every android smartphone should already be able to receive Bluetooth audio.

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