any way to reverse tether on stock rom?

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  1. kalikool123

    kalikool123 Well-Known Member

    I am currnetly on a rooted gingerbread 2.3.4
    I just want reverse tethering to ma phone from pc through usb or bluetooth.
    I dont want to spend extra on a wi-fi or an extra data plan on my cell. I know that this type of tethering via usb is possible on custom roms line CM , I would be so thankful if someone could make that possible on stock roms tooooo

  2. roofrider

    roofrider Well-Known Member

    mate u dont need to post it everywhere...even i wanted to know abt this,i dont know any way to make it work. try searching n if u come across a solution do post it here.
  3. You've not mentioned your device , besides what is reverse tethering , if you want stock roms get'em from check base version

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