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Any way to use HTC as a webcam?

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  1. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    Well can it? I would assume you would need at least a rooted phone (not an issue).
    Is there an app (native or on a PC) that can do this?

    I know there was one for Sony phones (not 7 compatable :( ), and it would save me a few pound ;)

  2. ScumPuppy

    ScumPuppy Well-Known Member


    its free and fantastic! try it
  3. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    Does this allow me to hook up my Hero to my PC and use it as a webcam on my PC?

    Sorry if I was too vague.
  4. ScumPuppy

    ScumPuppy Well-Known Member

    better than that.. try it, it makes your phone an IP camera basically and gives youa live webfeed at www.qik.com/<username>

    works over 3G too... loads of fun
  5. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    I want to use it with MSN tho. Not have to sign up for yet another site..
  6. Hi I just got the HTC Hero a few days ago, I downloaded a few apps from the "market" but havent been able to get them to work like I wanted. It doesnt seem like this qik one would work either.
  7. hatch

    hatch Member

    Qik is just a remote cam app that you can use wherever you want for live streaming to your Qik login / site.

    I too am looking for an app that you can run on the Hero & PC where you can use it as a "static" cam attached to my laptop.

    Qik is brilliant by itself, however as you said, it's no use if you want to use a webcam for MSN / Skype etc...
  8. _ivo_

    _ivo_ Active Member

    Any news about this?
  9. infernosoft

    infernosoft Member

    Anyone found an app yet?
  10. spikespead

    spikespead New Member

    I used USB webcam on my last phone. Droid incredible. It worked fine with Yahoo video chat. I broke the screen and have a new incredible. I can not find the app on the Market. It works but seems to be gone. Any info about it or any other solutions would be apprecieated. I also am not looking for a service to connect to. I have been able to get IP Webcam to view on google chrome but nothing else will find the cam.
  11. chunkylover53

    chunkylover53 Active Member

    I use droidcam all the time... on the market
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  12. Noidfloyd

    Noidfloyd Member

    Trying Droidcam now! Thanks for the tip.
  13. bigcater

    bigcater New Member

    Wow so cool...will Droidcam too..
  14. Ian_C

    Ian_C Active Member

    tried Droidcambut can not work out the settings to get it to connect to my pc.. on HTC Hero.. any advice ?
  15. HomerJayK

    HomerJayK Member

    I found this on lifehacker the other day and just happened to be reading the Hero thread (N1 owner myself). I haven't tried it but it looks like what you're after.

    IP Webcam Turns Your Android Phone into a Wireless Camera
  16. chunkylover53

    chunkylover53 Active Member

    Try starting up the app u want to display the webcam on (WLM, skype etc)

    Then it will start up

    Ask if u got any more problems :)
  17. azz131

    azz131 New Member

    Is there a way of pluging a webcam in the USB of the hero and then using it as a webcam... because i can't put my phone where i want to....
  18. bps

    bps Member

    You dont need a rooted phone. I have used this on my HTC Desire for a while now..ie Smartcam Webcam by Deion. It makes the phone into a wireless wifi webcam. So as long as you are connecting to the same router with your pc and phone then the phone can be used as a wifi webcam.
    You also need Smartcam software on your pc. I am on Vista ..this can be downloaded from http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/soft/4948600
    It says it's version 1.0 but when you download it you will find that you get the latest version 1.4.
    So all you do is start the app on the phone, start the smartcam software on your pc...start (say for example yahoo messenger on your pc) and reconfigure yahoo messenger to use the source camera as smartcam..(it will have that option in the source choices).
    I found it works great on yahoo messenger video..haven't used it on any other messenger or video chat program.
  19. boscharun

    boscharun Member

    The best app is IP Webcam. There are two ways to configure android as webcam. USB and wifi. Wifi is actually much easier as USB mode requires you to install adb on your computer. See this on how to do this for USB and Wifi for both Linux and Windows:
    Android As Webcam

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