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Any word on Gingerbread update on Vibrant?

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  1. plasticwood

    plasticwood Member

    I keep hearing rumors, but I have yet to find a gingerbread update for the Samsung Galaxy S vibrant (t-mobile). Anyone know something I don't.

  2. DrPennington

    DrPennington Well-Known Member

    Use google or find a custom rom
  3. plasticwood

    plasticwood Member

    Use google? Really? Thx.

    I'm talking about the legit update.
  4. plasticwood

    plasticwood Member

    Did you just really post a "fish oil" ad in this thread!! Please remove!!
  5. ParishL31

    ParishL31 Well-Known Member

  6. the1who

    the1who Well-Known Member

    Whoa Parish, I think the ad comment was about getting people started up like the Behold 2 maybe? Not directly related to the site ads from what I could tell.

    But on a serious note, thanks for bringing that up plasticwood, as I was just discussing that with someone that works at Sprint, who is running a leaked rom on the Epic, a brother/sister of the Vibrant. I was mentioning, that it seems the calling for an update this time for Gingerbread, is near non-existent compared to the big outcry for Froyo. Funny how that works, maybe all those people got new phones? I have been wondering why the Vibrant forum has been rather, dead. With all the users that have been on here back and forth at it before and the claims from Samsung on how many were sold, just makes me go, hmmmm.

    There seemed to be an effort, maybe not much of an effort, but originally it was thought to be out by the end of July. Well, it has been just a week past it now, so I am not going to get on the bandwagon of broken promises just yet, but I am holding patience and hope that they pull through. With experience from that last updates, it seemed to be held back via the carrier more than the actual manufacturer, why that may not be an excuse, as I do not necessarily let Samsung off that hook that easy. It'd be nice if there were bigger interest compared to those that want us to root our phones or search elsewhere, glad this is a forum for helping our cause. Funny that is always the suggestion on these forums, root this and root that, I have been around this circle before. It is true, if you want something more to do it yourself , but for those that don't want to, I don't think answers that lead down the bridge to nowhere really help anyone...
  7. plasticwood

    plasticwood Member

    Someone posted an ad in here about losing weight. It was later removed.

    As far as the smart remark comment. SERIOUSLY??? I asked a serious question and got a simple "google it". Isn't it the purpose of forums to discuss things that we may have heard or read?? If you found my comment to be "smartass" then I apologize.
  8. the1who

    the1who Well-Known Member

    Oh, my bad, missed that ad, thanks admin by the way then.

    The problems with most forums is people just post to post, to get the post count up IMO, regardless of if it helps or not. If it doesn't really answer the question, it goes to the old rule of thumb, if you shouldn't say it, don't say it at all saying.

    I see you're a new member plasticwood, I have enjoyed these forums, but I also have experience from other forums to use as a guide of patience. But sometimes I can't tolerate the lack of brains when it comes to replies. So from someone who isn't necessarily a paying member, but a regular, welcome to the forums, hope you find useful information for your Vibrant on here.

    With all of our posts on here, we have built up a rather useful database of information in regards to the Vibrant and well, I keep referencing here when I forget something. I haven't heard anything on the update, but I keep checking with Kies, and in case it gets published there before a public statement, than I will most certainly come here first and let everyone know, unless someone beats me, which has happened.

    Well Tuesday's Best Buy sale was well, marvelous timing for me. I still have the Vibrant until I get a buyer. I enjoyed it and well, I still do. It makes a good WiFi device now that I don't have service on it and well, I just got it Monday as a replacement for the other Vibrant with the bad earpiece. I'll still be on the lookout Plasticwood.
  9. sbryan1129

    sbryan1129 Active Member

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  10. plasticwood

    plasticwood Member

  11. the1who

    the1who Well-Known Member

    Oh that is very comprehensive. I have seen lists like that, but they haven't been updated as this list has. I have to say, thank you too. Maybe I can get it updated before I sell it :)
  12. mifac

    mifac Member

    It's been a month since samsung tweeted. Any news on the update?
  13. ChrisSkydiver

    ChrisSkydiver Member

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  14. mifac

    mifac Member

    This stupid t-mobile is still not updating vibrant..damn
  15. sbryan1129

    sbryan1129 Active Member

    are you saying that t-mobile is not going to update?
  16. mifac

    mifac Member

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  17. apicia

    apicia Member

    I have the T-Mobile Vibrant running 2.1 updated. Ugh. Is T-Mobile updating? If not, I will try a custom ROM.
  18. kacol16

    kacol16 Well-Known Member

    currently the newest update is 2.2 froyo KB5. theyre working on the gingerbread update. no one knows the exact time whens it gonna be released
  19. batkinson001

    batkinson001 Well-Known Member

    "And on August 19, Telus released the upgrade to its Galaxy S Fascinate phone; it, too, can be downloaded through the Kies application."

    I got the update that morning, but tallk on Mobilesyrup.com is that it was pulled. Some people were having issues...

    the reason I posted this is because Telus tends to lag behind Bell & Rogers up here in Canada...
  20. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt hold your breath on getting 2.3. As for me, ill probably have a new phone before the update gets here, ...if it ever does. Ill be looking to get the Galaxy S2 or the Nexus Prime...probably the Nexus Prime that will have Ice Cream Sandwich on it.
  21. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    Doubtful, at best. They were many months behind similar phones for 2.2.
  22. Dreeemer

    Dreeemer Member

    I think tmobile takes so long because their trying to root-proof their phones. Werent we like a year behind most froyo users? My buddy w/his droid got his 2.2 ota soon as it was released. Makes me wanna jump the tmobile ship, go Bionic.
  23. apicia

    apicia Member

    Doesn't Bionic have a crappy non-AMOLED screen?
  24. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    It has a pentile display that looks pixeled somewhat. Doesn't compare to the super amoled but views better in sunlight. As for gingerbread updates, last I heard the captivate was the only one with a real leaked version of gb that suppose to release. I haven't heard anything about this version.
  25. kmap71

    kmap71 New Member

    Just got off the phone with T-Mobile asking them personally when the Vibrant would be getting the 2.3 update. Bad news folks. It will not be updating to 2.3...EVER. Their reason? Apparently they say the phone can't handle 2.3. I say B.S. When every other version of the same damn phone can handle it, why can't T-Mobile's? I asked them that..they avoided the question with a bunch of gobbledy gook. In other words, "we want you to use THIS phone until you are so dissatisfied, that you spend more money on something newer and more expensive." And that's pretty much what I told them. They denied it, of course. Now they are saying that my husband's phone, (the Samsung Vibrant...I have the HTC HD2 and it has been hacked and runs on DROID...hehe) is having trouble staying on network and that is why he is unhappy..blah blah blah, they'll get their engineers on it. >.< Time to buy HTC. Trust me, you'll be much happier.

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