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Any Xperia P uers here?General

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  1. neofactor.is3

    neofactor.is3 Active Member

    I'm planning to buy Xperia P and would like to hear from the users about this phone. I noticed that this part of the forum is silent but I hope somebody would reply in this thread.

  2. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    I used the phone for about 2 weeks and for me it was great. Screen is very responsive and the brightness is good as well. Loud speaker is good although I wish it was a bit louder, but I wish it was on any phone I've tried, maybe it's my ears! ;) I liked it a lot, the only thing (for me) is that I like big phones :) and right now this could be considered a medium-sized phone, so I switched to the Xperia™ ion and I'm Happier :)
  3. Deke60

    Deke60 Member

    I want to like this phone..but am not sure about battery life.
  4. neofactor.is3

    neofactor.is3 Active Member

    I've bought it. It's a very nice piece of art from Sony. On heavy usage the battery lasts 2 hours only but I hope it'd improve.
  5. rzozaya1969

    rzozaya1969 Well-Known Member

    How heavy usage? like using games and browsing? What was your previous phone?
  6. rzozaya1969

    rzozaya1969 Well-Known Member

    I'm really considering one of this, my other option is the Galaxy S Advance, which is specked a little bellow this, doesn't have ICS announced and that's pretty much the differences.

    I am interested in the quality of the phone, battery life (my Galaxy Ace doesn't last me too much, but I do use a lot of games), can I use another skin (Like Go Ex launcher or ADW) which I think I can, and is there a real drawback of not having a SD card.
  7. neofactor.is3

    neofactor.is3 Active Member

    This is my first Android. I should say the battery has improved a lot. Now on heavy usage (games on TV using HDMI, connected to wifi, data sync on, screen always on) the battery lasts for 6-7 hours and on moderate usage (data enabled when needed, 15-25 min calls, 20 texts, connected to wifi for 1.5 - 2hours) it can last for 18-20 hours, not more than that. I've seen many Xperia P users saying that they get 2 - 3 days out of the battery but I still wonder how they manage to get it! lol!

    Once you get your hands on Xperia P, the rest of the plasticky phones feel really cheap in your hands. The phone has a metal finish and has a slim profile. I personally prefer the silver version of the phone but I have a black one (silver was out of stock when i bought it :( ) . The build quality is great. No other phones can match it. If you want to feel it for real you just compare galaxy advance and Xperia P yourself and you'll feel that the difference is great when it comes to build quality.

    I've updated to ICS and it works good . No lags or whatever. I used to rely on 'Quickpic' for the sake of a nice gallery but since Sony introduced the new Album app on ICS, I uninstalled Quickpic and I cannot think of another gallery app!
    The 8mp camera on Xperia P is something that I should talk about. it can render extraordinary pics on macro mode. Some people say that the camera sucks but I can confirm that if you can deal with the settings in the camera app, you can get marvelous pics.
    About Go launcher etc, it's more or less related to android and not to the phone and Xperia p runs on Android 4.0. So as you have guessed, it all works great but I still prefer the default Sony launcher over the third party launchers since it's simple but elegant.

    There are no drawbacks of not having an sd card. I don't know what you asked that! Anyways, you get only 11.5 GB storage on Xperia P. So if you want a lot if HD movies on your phone, Xperia p is not for you! 50GB cloud storage on BOX is available for free though.

    Also the phone has 1GB RAM of which 700 MB is available to user on Gingerbread and 800MB is available on ICS. So performance is not an issue.

    It has one of the brightest screens available on market now! Thanks to Whitemagic technology! I've seen people saying that the colors on Xperia P's display is irregular but I think the colors are a bit warmer than other displays, thats all. No problems whatsoever.

    So if you can compromise with the mediocre battery life, Xperia P is one of the best phones out there. Just go and buy it!

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