Anybody else see this? ATRIX 3?

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  1. shalemail

    shalemail Well-Known Member Contributor

  2. SteveL46

    SteveL46 Active Member

    Hopefully that is what it ends up being. That's what I'm looking for generally.
  3. Goethe

    Goethe Member

  4. John I

    John I Well-Known Member

    I guess the fingerprint reader is a thing of the past? :mad:

    I really am not looking forward to losing that. It is my favorite feature on the Atrix by far.

  5. Goethe

    Goethe Member

    I don't remember any other android phone with a fingerprint reader, I simply love that feature, it's awesome, way faster and even less distracting than to put a 4-digit code.

    Hopefully, we will actually see an Atrix with those specs, if not, I'm holding out for the Galaxy S3, or maybe the GSM version of Razr Maxx.
  6. Charlong666

    Charlong666 New Member

    I'd say it's possible except for the 2Gb of Ram. IMHO

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
  7. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    2GB of RAM is really an overkill for a phone.
  8. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    But not for a tablet / Webtop mode.

    Besides, when everyone has gone quad-core, I guess the next thing to help sell a device will be more RAM!

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