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Anybody found a decent time lapse camera app?General

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  1. dtrain13

    dtrain13 Member

    Time lapse photography isn't really something I need on my phone, but it would certainly be cool to play with. I got LapseDROID and tried using it, but it doesn't seem to work. I can set up the time interval and then it will snap pictures every whatever seconds, but it won't make the file afterwards. Has anybody else had any luck with this app or any others similar?

  2. maurrubio

    maurrubio Well-Known Member

    Hi, you can try one called Lapse It.

    More information at Time Lapse for Android ? Lapse It
  3. firedale

    firedale New Member

    I like this one best: TimeLapse!

    It has quite a number of interesting parameters to play with, like colour effects.
  4. scombridae1969

    scombridae1969 New Member

    I've been using Tina Time-lapse and like it. It spits out jpegs with decent compression which is the way prefer to work. If you don't need the ability to go straight to video, this might be an app to consider. Here is a sequence I shot recently on my Droid X2 using Tina Time-lapse:

    Timelapse - Baker to Victorville - YouTube

  5. skykid2

    skykid2 Member

    big thanks for posting this I am headed to smokies in a few weeks was looking to document them
  6. AndAdd

    AndAdd New Member

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