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  1. JKett

    JKett New Member

    I went into B&N today expecting to pre-order a Nook Tablet for Friday, and the employee said they got a shipment early and asked if I wanted one today. Pretty nice surprise. Anyone else get lucky?

  2. Topken

    Topken Well-Known Member

    seems a lot of people have but I will be getting mine the first week of december. Ill go to a B&N store to pick one up at that time. Im doing it that way so that it gives the devs time to get this thing rooted and a port of cwm in the works. Ill be getting this over the fire personally. The extra ram and the sd card slot are part of the reason I am getting this over the fire.
  3. r2tbone

    r2tbone New Member

    I got mine last night too. I preordered mine a week ago and I just so happened to go by the store last night and I was able to pick mine up.
  4. sonicbluetm

    sonicbluetm New Member

    Already got mine and getting my Fire in the mail tomorrow HUEHUEHUE I have a feeling like supporting both will help keep prices for these things as low as they are. I just hope that reading Kindle books on the Nook and vice versa won't prove to be too much of a challenge.
  5. erod550

    erod550 New Member

    Just got one tonight. I had "pre-ordered" in the store last week. The guy wrote down my name and phone number and said he'd call me when they came in. Well I called tonight to see if they were going to have them tomorrow or Friday and they said we've had them since Monday. So I went in and bought it. Probably never would have gotten a phone call if I had waited. Looking forward to this thing being rooted.
  6. Beatlesfan

    Beatlesfan Well-Known Member

    Gf preordered for me online, but i picked it up today at the store. Loving it so far. Got go launcher and amazon market on it. VERY eager for root.

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