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Anybody jumping ship for the Galaxy S3?General

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  1. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    While i was a little hesitant going back to a 4" screen, i don't think i could go to a 4.8" one. I used that link to Size All that someone posted in this forum trying to find a size comparison for the Inc4g. I did it again for the Inc4g, Rezound, Galaxy S3, & Galaxy Nexus. Putting the Rezound over the GS3, it looks like it has a plastic case on it. I always put a case on my phones, so this would be a significant difference. Plus I just think that the smaller screen will help with battery life. So, I'm still gonna stay with the Inc4g.

  2. NightxFall

    NightxFall Well-Known Member

    Just handled one of my moms friends TMobile Galaxy S2 which has a 4.55 inch screen. It wasnt too big at all. Im sure i could get used to the 4.8" screen. I definitely will be getting the galaxy s3 if it comes out before the Incredible 4G. I've decided I will wait if the incredible 4G comes out in the next 2 weeks to see what the Galaxy s3 is like, because I actually would like a large screen.
  3. today

    today Well-Known Member

    A brick has better call quality.
  4. SeanPlunk

    SeanPlunk Well-Known Member

    My wife is jumping ship. Her OG Incredible is dead and she's been using a friend's spare OG Droid until the 4G came out. Now that Verizon has totally screwed the launch of the 4G, she's getting a GS3 instead.
  5. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    The Galaxy Nexus is a 4.65" screen and on Size All it looks tiny compared to the GS3. The G-Nex is narrower than the Rezound and about the same height. The difference is the G-Nex has no capacitive buttons. The GS3 has those buttons plus the physical home key. If I were into the Note I might consider it, but that just seems to big. I don't know of anyone remembers there was a pic on the original Incredible thread when they heard about the upcoming Droid X they showed a guy holding a phone to his ear that looked to be about the size of a 20" PC monitor. To me that's what phones over 4.3" is like. But that's just me.;)

    Edit: Just did a lil more playing around on Size All, and basically the Droid Razr is the same width, & the top of the Razr stops just below the GS3's ear speaker. So better than I thought, but after playing around with my brother's Stratosphere in the past Touchwiz is another sticking point for me. Worst case if shared data shows before the Inc4g launches, I may pick this up & sell it outright if I like the Inc4g better.

    Another thing to also consider on the bettery life front, the GS3s that people mentioned beating the One X in battery life are not LTE phones. While the international One X isn't either, the Inc4g has a smaller screen & an underclocked processor, so I think it'll come out on top as far as battery life goes.
  6. Stealthman

    Stealthman Well-Known Member

    Screen is way too big
  7. dezignstuff

    dezignstuff Member

    Verizon has screwed htc again. Htc first got screwed with the rezound because of the poor release and the release of the galaxy nexus at about same time. And is now after a long dead period of phone releases from verizon they are launching the incredible 4 g and the galaxy s 3 right on top of one another again. In both cases the htc phones are somewhat less spicy than the samsung competitors. I think htc needs to step up and manage the relationship with verizon with a more forceful hand.
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  8. andross77

    andross77 Well-Known Member

    All i found was this link where the CFO of Verizon says "mid-summer". Then in other places on the website they are guessing June. So if the Incredible 4g gets pushed back to July and the rumors are true about June for shared data, those who want to keep their unlimited data like me will not be able to get it subsidized and will have to pay $500 or $600 for the Inc 4g.

    So i'm going to play it safe and get the 32gb GS3 for $250. Thanks for making the decision easy VZW! :)
  9. andross77

    andross77 Well-Known Member

    The smaller screen and lower resolution and slower processor of the Inc 4g will help with battery life definiltey but it will be offset somewhat by a battery that is 24% larger (2100mah vs 1700mah). The GS3 has already done over 10 hours in video run down tests. If you need to watch more than 10 hours of hd video in between charges......it's an understatement to say you have issues or you are lonely lol :)
  10. andross77

    andross77 Well-Known Member

    also for touchwiz vs sense....yeah most people like sense better (including me) but 2 things: 1) this is a new version of TW that most all of us have never used and the professional reviewers out there say it runs faster with less lag than the new sense (but overall they like sense better still) and 2) both UI's are inferior to what you can download with one click from the market or that you can get by rooting. And since the GS3 has 2gb ram it's not like you are going to bog it down by loading in a new overlay :)

    I really think the choice comes down between do you want a nice size for a phone (4.0) or do you want a dinner plate at your head (4.8) ? I'm just going with the dinner plate because i also need to save my unlimited data. But they will both have GREAT battery life (due to 28nm chip), UI can be changed, microsd slots so you will have enough space, etc, etc.

    And you will end up saving money on the HTC cause there is no way they will release it at $199 for the 8gb smaller screen if the GS3 at 16gb with larger screen/more ram etc will be $199. I'm guessing this pops up at $149 whenever it decides to show up :) Plus maybe that $50 rebate!!
  11. t35rk

    t35rk Well-Known Member

    Yes, the "dinner plate" thing is the issue. The Dinc 4G is just a great size, but that Sammy has some nice upgrades. It's camera is even better than the One 's and the camcorder has a 29 frames per second rate compared to the One 's 24. The Dummy may also come with a very nice Wolfson DAC which could put out a relative premium sound on both music and call quality. The FFC tracks your eye to determine if the screen should turn off or not. The video gallery has all videos playing at once on the screen. Picture in picture etc.I just feel the GS3 is more well thought out than even the One X.
  12. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    Irregardless of the battery size, the fact remains that LTE eats more battery than GSM or HSPA. And with a screen that size (almost a full inch larger) 300mAh isn't going to make much of a difference. We're talking maybe an hour to 1.5 hours tops (that is the difference between if the GS3 had a 1700 or 2100mAh battery). You won't see a huge difference in battery life until you start getting close to double the capacity of the stock battery.
  13. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Well-Known Member

    Dose look very cool but there is just something with their phone that just not sit well with me. Not sure what but naw. I'll wait for a HTC.
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  14. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    I wasn't really worrying about lag with TW, but I just don't like how some tasks were accomplished. I would expound on what I mean, but when I tried my brother's phone out was at Christmas, but what I do remember was that TW seemed much less intuitive than Sense. Add to that the look of the new TW still resembles Gingerbread. Sense on ICS looks much more refined and professional. For the people who had first crack at ICS, you'd think Samsung would've done a better job on their skin for it. To me it's like playing PS1 games on a PS2, it may be nostalgic, but that's about it.
  15. BraulioB

    BraulioB Active Member

    The S3 does have a remove able battery...
  16. NightxFall

    NightxFall Well-Known Member

    I wonder if you read anything anyone has said. You do realize Verizon will announce it a few weeks before hand? Meaning the second they announce it you can go buy your GS3 and keep your unlimited. Also, its not rumored to come in June, infact, most news sites say its unlikely to come in June.

    Basically if this is taking effect in June, even at the end of June, which is highly highly unlikely, we should see an announcement about it next week minimum.

    All these people that are like "OMG VERIZON IS GONNA TAKE MY UNLIMITED DATA OUT OF NOWHERE!!111" are really bugging me. People are very irrational.
  17. andross77

    andross77 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing. Both the HTC Incredible 4g and the SGS3 have the EXACT SAME chip, only difference being that the HTC is DOWNCLOCKED to 1.2ghz and the SGS3 is not and is at 1.5ghz. BOTH PHONES have LTE ON the actual die. So LTE will have the SAME effect on battery for both phones.

    Also, the 1700mah battery in the HTC to the 2100mah battery in the SGS3 is a 400mah difference (not 300).

    And if that ends up giving an extra hour or two over the HTC that would be SWEET since smartphone battery lives are counted in hours, not days.
  18. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    I do realize that all the radios are on the S4 chip, that's not the point. Even with the current generation S3s (Rezound, Sensation, etc.) they have all the radios on the chip as well. The difference is which are in use. It's one of the reasons you get better battery life by using 3G rather than 4G LTE. Now just because all those radios are on board doesn't mean all of them are in use. Depending on location, an international HTC One X is most likely using it's GSM, WCDMA, & possibly HSPA radios. Where the same phone for Verizon will be using it's CDMA, EVDO, & LTE radios. There's even a story that a few Verizon phones are going to have their global capabilities unlocked in an update. Some radios are locked by carrier, but even if it's unlocked, if it's not set for LTE, that radio won't be in use. The only way it will effect both phones the same is if it's set for LTE, I doubt anyone would set it to LTE if it wasn't available.

    Sorry about the math error, I had about three hours sleep when I posted.

    As far as the difference between battery sizes, the screen size will make a bigger difference than a few hundred mAh. I've had the Thunderbolt, Inc1, Inc2, & the Rezound. The difference in battery life between the Thunderbolt & Inc2 was big. Since I don't have LTE yet, the tbolt was set to 3g only, both have similar size batteries, the same CPU, ram, etc. On 3g with both phones, the tbolt got around 1/2 to 3/4 of a day, the Inc2 got 1 1/2 days. That .3" of screen makes a difference. While they lessened the amount of battery loss from the screen (like with the Rezound) to an extent, it's still a battery hog. Unless you mate a big battery with a big screen, or they come up with a miracle technology, bigger screens are gonna suck for battery life.
  19. andross77

    andross77 Well-Known Member

    i'm not sure if you are saying the S3 chip in the rezound has the LTE on the chip but that is wrong. if you are saying the old snapdragon s3 had other radios (edge,hspa, etc) on it, then yes. But the S4 is the first to have LTE on it because it is so small (28nm).

    and again, there won't be a huge difference between inc 4g and SGS3. They have already done battery tests on the SGS3 and it beats the HTC One X. The SGS3 did over 10 hours on a video run down test. My point is, IF you get 12 hours of video on the inc 4g instead of 10.5 on the SGS3 does that matter in only the most extreme of situations? The average person doesn't watch that much video on their phone in 5 days time...

    BOTH phones will have amazing battery. The choice is simply huge screen or normal screen. I'm going with huge since i really like the extra 1000 megs of ram and that i can preorder it tomorrow ;)
  20. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    Weren't the GS3 tests using the international version with the quad core exynos?

    Until we see a comparison of the US version with the S4 against an actual DInc4G review and benchmarks, we're arguing vaporware vs vaporware :)
  21. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    First off I think we were arguing 2 different things. I thought you were saying that there wouldn't be any difference radio wise between the global S3 and the Verizon LTE S3. And what you were arguing was there wouldn't be much difference radio wise between the LTE S3 & the Inc4g. So I do agree there shouldn't be any difference between them radio or battery wise (except for whatever battery optimization software each employ).

    As far as battery, we really can't speculate on either's performance until either we see some reviews or forums users get some hands on time. So far we have nothing to go by since the only phones similar to these are on different bands. Yes the 28nm CPU with SOC will help, but we don't know to what extent yet until the actual models hit the network.

    I guess this time out I'm not going for the be all end all, I'm gonna try for something that may get me through over a day on the stock battery. If it can do that great, if not I move on.
  22. powdbyrice

    powdbyrice Well-Known Member

    i too am concerned with the size, but after breaking out the ruler, it isnt that big of a deal. *i dont think...*

    i have a incredible with the vzw blk/red fade case on it. the s3 will only be ~0.25" wider and a 0.5" longer than my inc with the case on it. but it will be flatter. i think i'm ok with that.
  23. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    So you will go without a case?
  24. powdbyrice

    powdbyrice Well-Known Member

    yes. still use a screen protector, but most likely no case.

    i've had a case on all of my phones, but for what purpose? i dont sell them when i upgrade, so all i end up with is a nice looking phone after 2yrs.
  25. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    Even if I got the GS3, I'd still put a case on it. To me Samsung phones are real slippery, & don't use the rubbery soft touch back that HTC does. But even with that, I still use a case, the TPU style. They're like a flexible plastic, but give it enough of a cushion when dropped. I mean it's spending another $15 to protect $500+, & no matter how careful you are, you're gonna drop it at some point.

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