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anybody know how to get out of system recovery bml

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    FlDIGGER Member

    anybody know how to exit from recovery mode? got there on accident

  2. socal6107

    socal6107 Well-Known Member

    take the battery out and power on... no more problems
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  3. EricJoneckis

    EricJoneckis Well-Known Member

    For future ref, the top option is reboot now and bottom is power off. Both will exit recovery
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  4. InFiD3ViL

    InFiD3ViL Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it is programmed this way, but whenever I press Reboot my phone always goes back into CWM 1 extra time. If i press it again then it will reboot normally.


    With LauncherPro I set up a custom dock icon, well 2 of them, one is called reboot and does a simple reboot. The other is recovery and will instantly reboot my Admire into CWM recovery. The app I used for this is called Quick Boot. It has some other features such as Hot Boot, Bootloader, and Power Off. But I left them out of the dock to avoid such accidents. You don't have to load the entire ap eacht time either. You can just set shortcuts to the dock icons for each reboot/recover command.
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    FlDIGGER Member

    thanks for all the advice guys unfort. still no solution...power off ...when i turn it back on it vibrates alot and after showing me sumsung screens and metro screen im right back into sam. recovery utils for bml...when i select top option it does the same as above..... if i select the bottom option it moves cursor to top option....i have gotten into download mode but have no ides what to do from there...i got phone bout 2 mos. ago and after following along posts here worked up nerve to root, (honestly my skill level in puters and phones shouldnt have alowed me to do that lol) i have titanium backup (free), setpcu, and did one other thing through qpst to make it faster...i was fooling with something to do with getting tethering to work and suddenly wound up here....i hate all the metro crap and was determined to eventually learn how to flash better rom im curious if maybe that would be better option...can i even do that without figuring whats going on with recovery first? and i know its not going to be advisable but IF i was to attempt this where should i start reading? and is there maybe an overview of complete process for dummies somewhere? i know i know newbees need to do their research and im trying but truthfully i have no idea what the eff im doing and really need my phone back thanks again for anyone and everyone for takin the time to read this even if you dont have any answers
  6. what rom and recovery are you on and trying to flash too?
  7. Yah what rom/recovery are you on?

    FlDIGGER Member

    stock rom im rooted not sure about recovery...could be it came with my root? ill go back and look at what i downloaded for that..i had ti backup and backed it all up after root... its basic admire sch r720 from metro gingerbread 2.3.4 ill go back and see if i can create log of everything i did that may help you guys tell me where i gummed up
  9. Bakedpotato

    Bakedpotato Active Member

    Hold vol down, back and power when its off and tells what it says at the top when it boots
  10. FlDIGGER

    FlDIGGER Member

    Android system recovery <3e>

    Samsung Recovery utils
    ~ for bml ~
  11. FlDIGGER

    FlDIGGER Member

    okay so i plugged iy into puter to see if i could access anything differnt and my phone is recognized as android usb storage device...is that norm?
  12. requisite0

    requisite0 Banned Developer

  13. FlDIGGER

    FlDIGGER Member

    ok so when i look at hardware under the device properties, its only showin my phone as samsung android usb storage device, i have adb interface, usb composite device, usb diagnostic serial port, usb modem, samsung sch r720 card usb device, and usb mass storage device....cant view any files
  14. requisite0

    requisite0 Banned Developer

    You don't need to view any files, follow the directions in the thread I linked and you will get a working phone.
  15. Bakedpotato

    Bakedpotato Active Member

  16. peterpan33

    peterpan33 New Member

    I have the same problem with H2000+. Can you please help? what do I need to do?
  17. KageBeast

    KageBeast Well-Known Member

    You're in the wrong forum. This is for the Samsung Admire. Your phone doesn't have a forum on this site so you might just have to google it.
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