Anybody notice 3G improvements after OTA Update??

  1. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    One of the perks of the N1 OTA Update (besides pinch-to-zoom) was improvements in 3G signal. Can anybody comment on if they have noticed improvement in this area or not? This is one of the things that kept me from purchasing it right off the bat. If this is improved, I might jump ship.

  2. mkrmec

    mkrmec Well-Known Member

    For me it works great now.. before i had to remove battery and SIM to get it working.

    EDIT: It stopped working again.. yezz Google FIX IT FFS
    have to reset phone now.. no need to pull battery atleast
  3. MadFlava

    MadFlava Active Member

    I didnt really notice much of a difference. My phone still switches between 3G and Edge constantly. I dont know if 3G coverage is just that weak in the areas Im in or what but it seems about the same to me.
  4. club968

    club968 Well-Known Member

    I didn't really think I had a 3g issue with the phone. I thought the issue was with the network cause I would always drop or switch to edge at the same locations on my way to work. I normally stream music and it would always cut off at the same spots without fail so I just assumed it was do to poor tmobile coverage. Ater the update, I get no drops on the same route to work. So I'm guessing something must have changed for the better.
  5. bluehaze013

    bluehaze013 Well-Known Member

    Huge difference for me, I still have issues inside my house but I have had issues inside with every phone i've ever owned. I think it is my wifi router causing interference because the further I am away fomr my computer the better it is but it's not really an issue because as long as I'm in range of my router I have the wifi connection running.

    Outside of the house though it's a totally different story I get solid 4 bars 3g wherever I go since the update, before it would still bounce around and drop to edge sometimes outside of the house. I haven't seen an Edge connection after leaving ym house since the update. 3g is so stable it made me wonder if they just put a patch in to always show full bars for 3g LOL <- I am serious too, not being sarcastic. This is the best phone I have ever owned by far and yes I am a previous Iphone owner that figured I would never buy another phone again because I felt the Iphone was perfect.
  6. AngryX

    AngryX Member

    I noticed a little improvement, but my 3g wasn't as spotty as others on the board. However I have crap reception in my house. which is funny cause my G1 has perfect reception in the house and the nexus one can't even make a call. I love the phone but piss poor design.
  7. afine1

    afine1 Well-Known Member

    fix worked great. i used to get only edge and had to switch to wcdma only and then i would get 3g. now even if i get edge it goes back to 3g unlike before. (on wcdma prefered)

    also before the fix i would be on edge when other phones around me had 3g working fine. and now they are almost mirror images of eachother in regards to 3g and edge.

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