Anybody unable to receive texts tonight?

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  1. Japanorama

    Japanorama Well-Known Member

    So my bro, friend, and I (all using Optimus V phones) can't receive each others' text messages although it says they have been sent. Anybody else with this issue? Just happened tonight, about 3 hours ago.

  2. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    This is something that is going to be highly subjective to location. May want to mention the area you are.
  3. Japanorama

    Japanorama Well-Known Member

    Seattle, WA. But text messages were received in a big batch at around 1:30 last night. No more problems.
  4. gadgetmonster

    gadgetmonster Well-Known Member

    No issues in chicago.
  5. vTizzle

    vTizzle Active Member

    Had issues over in NY. Not sure if it was fixed yet, no texts all night long now it 730 & still no text..
  6. m-cman

    m-cman Well-Known Member

    Last night in the Dallas area, my texts took several hours to send. Each text had the "sending" msg for hours. Also didn't receive any during that time. After a few hours, everything started working properly again. This happens every once in a while. Also lose signal often even though I am in a highly populated area. :mad:

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