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anybody with a P770 ...????Support

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  1. Android_ski

    Android_ski New Member

    Anybody with a p770? Im having some issues.

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I'm sorry you are having problems. Welcome to Android Forums. You might let us know the nature of your problems. I hope someone here has some helpful suggestions for you.
    Thanks for joining AF.
  3. murugesh

    murugesh New Member

    Hi folks.
    I have a Lenovo P770. Bought it because of its "PROMISED" huge battery backup. The specs show 29 hours of talk time and 644 hours of standby time.
    After a full charge it's inbuilt app shows 8 hours and 466 hours. I complained to the service centre and they gave me a replacement battery which shows the same.

    It's the best battery backup I've had in any phone and best for a smartphone.

    I'll have to give the phone and ask the service people to show me proof of the specs matching real time battery backup.

    Otherwise cost to features it's a fantastic phone.

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