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  1. SJshah

    SJshah Member

    Has anyone bought their flytouch 3 superpad 2 from ************.com?

    Which model would you recommend buying?
    There are so many models there, and being new to this, I'm getting confused.

    I've already searched the forums - have found myself more confused than when I started.

    Any help with this would be appreciated. :)

  2. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Well-Known Member

  3. weltall

    weltall Well-Known Member

    I bought myself a facepad from ************ (well the disco version) and its as good as a flytouch3 could be. The main reason I bought it was the louder speakers. If I had the chance I would probably buy Flytouch4 if they had kept in the description the Capacitive screen instead of replacing it with resistive. Anyway just type in the search Flytouch 3 or facepad. Also be ready for the buggy loop that ************ will take you through when you will try to complete the payment. I had to try 3 times over and over again to finish the payment and after looking it up again i found out its normal.

    Best thing about ************ as everyone says: You get exactly what the description of the product on their page says. Nothing more nothing less.
  4. phiit

    phiit Member

    I bought Ibex Flytouch3 16Gb 2 months ago, arrived in 10 days and is exactly as described. Works well with Tim5a rom.

    If I was buying one now I think the capacitive version would be a cool choice, don't know about the firmware though, same/better/worse than the current FT3?
  5. SJshah

    SJshah Member

    ^ Thanks for the help guys, I've looked through all the specs on each one and the FT3 seems to be the best.

    The facepad only has a 6400mAh battery pack in comparison to the 8000mAh of the FT3
    The flytouch4 has a SIM card slot instead of an ethernet port - the ethernet would be more ideal IMO

    I'll get the flytouch3 16GB - got a 32GB microSD card too so thats more than enough storage. As for the speakers not being loud enough - headphones should do, and I've got some nice compact speakers which pretty powerful so thats that problem solved.

    Cheers everyone!
  6. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Well-Known Member

    FT3 16GB is a good choice, as it will arrive with the Disco10 firmware on, which as at today has a great custom rom available to be installed from the off, tim5a, which improves usability & functionality quite considerably.

    Facepad arrives with P041 firmware installed, which is not suitable as at today as there is no custom rom available to be installed, this may change in the future, but who knows what the future holds anyway?
  7. SJshah

    SJshah Member

    ^ yeah, seems like the wide user-base of the FT3 here provides everyone with some good support from other users too.

    Just ordered it! :)
  8. proplus

    proplus New Member

    I just recieved one from china grabber. Shipping was quick on it but unfortunately I have problems with my unit. Im not sure what they are like for customer service when something does go wrong as Im still waiting for a reply for them
  9. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Well-Known Member

    Usually really good. But like a lot of China shippers, not just for tablets, they can be pretty slow when it comes to returns
  10. richardbe

    richardbe Active Member

    What are the problems you encounter?
  11. richardbe

    richardbe Active Member

    Hi, can you name the address of ************ that is stated on your postage package? I just want to cross check if they gave me the real address in China
  12. weltall

    weltall Well-Known Member

    Sadly I do not have the package anymore. I kept it only until I made sure the tablet was ok in everything an then threw it away. I remember through that it had nothing to point out "************" on it but more like it was as if a girl just mailed it to me but I am not 100% sure. I just thought they did it to avoid paying any taxes.
  13. richardbe

    richardbe Active Member

    Oke, I understand. Is there maybe someone on this forum who have ever returned something to ************? Maybe they gave their real factory address?
  14. SJshah

    SJshah Member

    ^ I just received my flytouch from ************ today. I'll PM you the address stated on the back of the covering envelope.

    Got my flytouch from ************ today, everything seems perfect.
    Only thing I'm pissed about is that I have already scratched the screen protector.
  15. weltall

    weltall Well-Known Member

    The screen protector is not to be kept, just to protect the screen until you get it (even if i still have not removed mine). I have been looking for a screen protector but i will I will just buy an ipad one and cut off the extra so it can fit.
  16. richardbe

    richardbe Active Member

    Yes that would be great thnx
  17. tylerpresley

    tylerpresley New Member

    I ordered a Facepad 8GB from ************. A few days after ordering, I was sent an email saying they needed to "special order" my product. Not sure why they are advertising things they don't have in stock anyway, if this is even true. In the last 2 weeks, I have made several requests for an update as to my "special order", and have received NO response.
    I read a post somewhere else that ************ routinely says the order is delayed, and then only sometimes actually ships the product, or they say it is held up in customs, and is not their fault.
    I wonder if their strategy is to deliver to some people, so those people will post online that they had no issue with them, and then not deliver to otheres. Or it could be they are saying the product has to be special ordered to buy themselves time, so your next credit card bill will have to be paid, and then it will be too late to dispute the charge for products not received.
    There is no excuse for them not replying to 3 polite emails simply requesting an update on my order. What kind of business treats their customers this way? Certainly not any business that wants to have a good reputation. It takes just a few seconds to reply to an email, so it is not an excuse that they are "busy". As cheap as labor is in China, they could hire someone for peanuts to answer their email.... unless of course, a good percentage of their business is fraud.
    No, I am not a competitor of them either. I read this forum before deciding on the Facepad, but now I am regretting ever getting involved with ************.

    Tyler Presley
  18. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Well-Known Member

    I myself would never have chosen the Facepad over the Flytouch 3 from CG, but that is my opinion.

    CG do not answer emails to the email address stated on their website, you could email them once or 100 times - it wouldn't matter (and I think this should be addressed as a matter of urgency and courtesy as it is downright rude and neglectful just to ignore all customers emails as a matter of policy).

    Having said all that about customer service, I do believe you will get your tablet, around the 3 weeks date after ordering is the norm.

    Pop over to, register and post in the waiting forum and see who answers, you may get more luck than the non-responsive email as at today :)
  19. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Well-Known Member

    Despite what any company shipping from China says, 20 to 30 days is an average for delivery, any sooner and think if it as a gift. try this e-mail ************

    They normally respond well to that one. Also check your order status daily through their website.
  20. tylerpresley

    tylerpresley New Member

    The only advantage I could see of the Flytouch was the longer battery life. From what I've read, the quality of the case for Facepad is better, as are the speakers. I guess it is just a matter of what is important to you and how you intend to use it. I don't intend to use it for long periods so battery life is less important to me than a slicker looking beveled case, black color backing, and the ability to utilize better quality onboard speakers.
    Thank you folks for your suggestions. I am glad to have joined this forum. :rolleyes:


    Tyler Presley
  21. tylerpresley

    tylerpresley New Member

    I am happy to report that ************ did get my 8 GB Facepad delivered to me. However I am perplexed as to why, after 10 hours of charging, it will not turn on when I push the button on the front. The package said the manual is on the FacePad electronically, but if I can't turn it on, I can't read the manual to troubleshoot it. Do you just press the button on the front briefly, or do you have to press and hold. Well, neither worked for me, even after I pressed the reset button. It doesn't have to have an micro SD card inserted just to turn it on does it? I'd appreciate any suggestions.

    Tyler Presley
  22. tylerpresley

    tylerpresley New Member

    I figured out how to turn it on by playing with it. Can't wait for a custom ROM to come out for the Facepad, because it can't seem to do a whole lot out of the box.
  23. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt there will ever be a custom rom, however there is a couple of P041 threads over at this forum which is well worth reading to get more out of it:

    FlyTouch 3/Superpad 2 -

    Good luck.
  24. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    i think this is the one i got. like others posted i used the premium postal and it arrived within tens days, which was a surprise. took awhile to get the tracking order they sent me the wrong one so that was a shaky moment.
    other than that all was well. order the (case/keyboard/stand in one) to which is good for on the go protection.
    remember its superpad 2 flytouch 3. not ibex or facepad or whatever.
    i think this is it!
    Buy Zenithink 2 Android 2.2 ZT-180 II Tablet PC - Epad Apad $159.99
    heres the case
    Buy FlyTouch2 Flytouch3 Case - SuperPad 10" Keyboard Cases - Free Shipping
  25. PGmonkey

    PGmonkey Member

    I have had the FT3 4Gb for a week now. First thing that I need to do was to open it to solder the Wifi cable that was detached inside it! Since opening the screen protector that is fitted by the factory is coming loose at the edges.
    I flashed with Tims 6a and am reasonably happy with the tablet now.
    I would love to be able to use a bluetooth dongle with it, but that does not work. I would also like to be able to download and install an android application called "Remote you cam" but that does not install due to a "parsing error".
    The FT3 is a learning about Android and tablets thing for me, but I would not buy another FT3.

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