Anyone? Delete Swype "Built-in words"

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  1. Jonessee22

    Jonessee22 Member

    Anyone know how to delete Swype built-in words from swype dictionary I know how to delete words I have added but I want to delete some words I'll never use that are built-in to swype itself they get annoying when they pop up I have been searching and haven't found anything that helps so I decided to make my own thread. I have my phone rooted so that might be some help to access it but if anyone knows or has any ideas it would be much appreciated thanks.

  2. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    A problem that I and others have suffered through (and continue to suffer through) with at this time no solution. It has been addressed in a number of threads. As far as I and many smarter than me know there is currently no way to edit the built-in swype dictionary. An irritation but not enough to make me stop using swype.
  3. amlothi

    amlothi Well-Known Member

    As was recommended in other threads, we encourage you to visit the Swype official forums and/or contact the development team. Add your voice so that they allow this function in a future version.

    Swype Forums
  4. Jonessee22

    Jonessee22 Member

    K that's what I was figuring that its not possible or I somehow over read how to do it in all the damn reading I did, but now I am certain thank you. Yeah I voiced my opinion on swype forums when I first got into beta was just hoping something changed in those months when I wasn't looking for a solution. I'll go back over there and support some more :)

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