Anyone dislike the keyboard size?General

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  1. doxiemomma87

    doxiemomma87 Guest

    I find it hard to text with the keyboard size on this phone, its way too small. I couldn't imagine being a man with large fingers trying to text on this phone. Yes its bigger when you turn the phone sideways, but that cuts off the view of your conversation and that really annoys me. Am I the only one not liking how small the keys are here?:(

  2. bigdude01

    bigdude01 New Member

    the keyboard sucks, I am considering downloading a keyboard app.
  3. adeelmysore

    adeelmysore Member

  4. mjmaddog

    mjmaddog Member

    ive used go keyboard on my last few good and has many styles to download for free
  5. imhumanoid

    imhumanoid Member

    I dont like the stock keyboard. I switch back and forth between Swype and Go Keyboard :]
  6. VinceSerge

    VinceSerge Member

    Agreed, the keyboard is way too small for me. My sister doesn't seem to have a problem but yeah.. Since we'll be using more of the screen for functions, do you guys recommend me getting a protector?

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