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  1. Simba501

    Simba501 Well-Known Member

    I am very excited to finally get a high end Sense device on AT&T and I am desperately in need of more ram (I own a Captivate; still waiting on Froyo of course). My full intention is to get this device, but is anyone else concerned with the battery only being 1230mah? The Atrix will have a monstrous 1930mah battery, the upcoming Infuse will have a 1730mah battery, and most devices currently have 1500mah batteries. Has this crossed anyone else's mind?


  2. Nope like I have stated there are many many desire HD owners who are happy with it. The inspire is gonna be fine :)
  3. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    Although the Atrix will actually be MORE efficient at certain mundane tasks..the dual cores will SUCK it dry when its running multi-threaded games etc. Like wise the Samsung infuse is essentially OVERCLOCKED and even a "little" over clock and be a HUGE SUCKING DRAIN on the battery.

    It is highly likely the inspire can/would beat either of these two devices battery's life IF they are doing intensive tasks where the extra power is used.

    In the case of the inspire..users will just have to accept hey wont be running those few games or will be running them slower (but without the surging power drain)

    Likewise when standing by, the Atrix use will more power than the inspire. (It doesnt appear to be nearly as efficient in idle mode as i would like to see).

    So basically.

    Full load= Inspire over atrix
    Idle load= Inspire over Atrix
    Mundane tasks = atrix over inspire (the tegra can be very efficient at medium tasks).


    Atrix Stand by time: 264 Hours
    Inspire Stand by time: 372 Hours.

    Also i am guessing that huge 4.3inch screen being in off mode is a huge power boom for the smaller battery powered inspire in addition to having a MUCH more efficient stand by power usage.

    Through out my day i might be screwing with the phone a couple hours over all but its in stand by most of the time. On weekends or late at night when surfing around ill probably suck the phone dry pretty fast.

    However, one of the MOST intensive tasks...GPS will run VERY EFFICIENTLY on the inspire as it preloads all the maps (avoids data charges and will SAVE THE BATTERYs big time) that will help as well.

    HTC Inspire 4G vs Samsung Infuse 4G vs Motorola ATRIX 4G: specs comparison - Phone Arena

    Also coming from an iphone background you have NO simple a fix it is just to buy a back up batter (something you CAN NOT DO) with an iphone. (although i LOVE LOVE LOVE the charge cases such as the mophie juice pack).
  4. mbranscum

    mbranscum Well-Known Member

    The Desire has a 1400 battery.

  5. No it doesn't the desire HD has a 1230mhz

  6. Look in the desire HD videos for inspire 4G thread I posted the Desire HD specs. This is the second time your posting miasinformation
  7. mbranscum

    mbranscum Well-Known Member

    You are right. The Desire HD has a 1230 battery. The Desire has a 1400 battery. As for the "misinformation", it was a mistake, but thanks for pointing it out. I'm sure the mods appreciate it! ;)

  8. No problem. Didn't mean to come off snarky lol
  9. mbranscum

    mbranscum Well-Known Member

  10. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    I agree, if you sit and surf all day at work your going to be toast by the time your work day is over.

    Thats why ill get a second battery or a case charger. What are they? $50bucks? That would give me 2460 worth of juice to burn through daily...i can handle that. (try that with an iphone!)
  11. fujigonewild00

    fujigonewild00 Well-Known Member

    this is one of the main things keeping me from choosing this phone over the atrix. I get minimal battery as it is with my captivate.(dead by the end of the day) A big deal for me, is I want to be able to use my phone whenever I want, as often as I want throughout the day, and not have to worry about it dying on me. This is one of the features I miss the most since leaving the iphone.
  12. There are also threads that say they get real good battery life. With any phone you can get 6 hours or 12. Useage is key
  13. Allenfx

    Allenfx Well-Known Member

    My ihpone dies after 6 or 7 hours and you CAN'T just pop in a new battery.

    How is THAT better?

    Here is a 1900mah portable back up battery for the inspire:


    My mophie juice pack for my iphone was $75.00 when it first came out
  14. I agree here as well if you use any phone excessively then it will die at least with these phones you can replace phones. You know what gets me the average person works were their phone will or can be on charge most of the day, so how is battery life a real issue?

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