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Anyone else experienced these bugs? Backlight staying on, and Notification Volume?

  1. mjgunn

    mjgunn Active Member

    I'm on my 2nd captivate and both of these bugs have happened on both phones.

    First being the backlight remaining on unless I lock the phone manually. This will happen even with the backlight auto turn off set to 30 seconds. This has happened a handful of times, and I can make the backlight turn off if I want by using the lock key, but it will never auto turn off. This is fixed by power cycling the phone.

    Second, my notification volume. I've noticed a few times that I'll have a text or something waiting on my phone for which I didn't hear the notification tone. When I go to the phones settings I find that the notification volume is down around 25% instead of the 75% or so I keep it set at. This seems to happen randomly.

    Anyone else have these bugs?

  2. iMouseOne

    iMouseOne Active Member

  3. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    i have yet to expierence that
  4. Residue26

    Residue26 Member

    I have had the same issue with the backlight.
  5. JHannaman82

    JHannaman82 Member

    What backlight? Captivate's screen doesnt have a backlight.

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