Anyone else have a xyboard??General

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  1. kool kat2

    kool kat2 Well-Known Member

    seems pretty empty in here :eek:

  2. majinrey

    majinrey New Member

    I do i think its great rockin the 8.2 :)
  3. kool kat2

    kool kat2 Well-Known Member

    It is great. i got it just to try it out and thought if i didn't like it id get the galaxy tab but I like this one. I got the 10.1 :D

    Im still wondering whether ill keep it or go for the 8.2 though, i did like the smaller screen before
  4. itsalexaye

    itsalexaye Well-Known Member

    I've ordered the 10.1, it should be here this week or earlier next week. Not sure how long motorola takes to ship lol. cant wait for it.
  5. kool kat2

    kool kat2 Well-Known Member

    Hows the battery life? I returned my xyboard with verizon and want an 8.2 but my acer iconia a100 drains pretty quick.
  6. AvaABC123

    AvaABC123 New Member

    Not yet. I tried to order it the other day - taking advantage of the free shipping on orders over $75 and free cover and dock with purchase. Got my confirmation and everything (total saving of $110). Then five days later, no emails about shipping or anything. So I called Motorola and they told me the order had been cancelled. (By whom, I don't know, since I didn't cancel it.) And for now, they say they are out of stock on the 10.1 wifi model. Maybe more in next week. I will be patient... I will be patient... I will be patient...
  7. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Well-Known Member

    i have one well really its my second 8.2 as i had to return the first since it wouldnt charge

    and avaabc guy be patient its a brilliant device
  8. AvaABC123

    AvaABC123 New Member

    YAY! It is finally here! So I re-placed my order with Motorola and the 10.1 arrived today. As I sit here typing, I've got it hooked up the charger and it i charging up.

    My question now is should there be a stylus? I am looking at the box and it says it comes with the charger, data cable and the little booklets (safety stuff and quick reference). Looking online, it says that the stylus comes with the 10.1 xyboard.

    Am I missing something? or maybe the website isn't correct in its statement of "stylus with the 10.1 only"? The page I'm looking at is for the 10.1 wifi version xyboard, and not the Droid xyboard...

    MOTOROLA XYBOARD 10.1 With Wifi- Android Tablet PC - COMPARE - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA

    Words of wisdom appreciated... thanks!!
  9. kool kat2

    kool kat2 Well-Known Member

    For the verizon version the 10.1 has a stylus. the box of the 8.2 doesnt say it does and the verizon reps said that it didnt as well, that only the 10.1 comes with one. Maybe its different for the wifi only version but that would make no sense.
  10. alan2012

    alan2012 New Member

    Got one yesterday. Still checking it out. So far so good??
  11. 2003vstrom

    2003vstrom Well-Known Member

    Yeah I i bought one a 32 gb 4g lte and love it just wish we had a way to unlock the bootloader but it works really good its seems like its dead in here
  12. Redbird1

    Redbird1 Well-Known Member

    Just got an 8.2 on Saturday. Love it so far! I was a little weary about paying for another data plan, but I think the hotspot feature will ease the pain a bit.

    I am really surprised how dead this board is. Thought the xyboard would have more of a following.
  13. kool kat2

    kool kat2 Well-Known Member

    It is horribly dead. Its like 1 post every other week. But the 8.2 is awesome. The perfect size and the signal strength is amazing.

    Anyway, isn't the xoom 2 just a renamed xyboard?
  14. Redbird1

    Redbird1 Well-Known Member

    I think the European version of the Xyboard is known as the Xoom 2.
  15. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Just got a VZW 16GB 10.1 model from e-Bay, should be delivered in 4-5 days,looking forward to it & ICS in Q3 2012.

    I can already see the dust starting to collect on my LAPDOCKS,might have to find a good home for them if they sit too long........ :p
  16. cmltan12

    cmltan12 New Member

    Have you guys noticed that xyboard 10.1's display has a hint of yellow. Comparing from my old Xoom (1), my old Xoom seems to have a brighter screen. White looks whiter/brither than XYBOARD. Settings are the same.

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