Anyone else have issues with GTA III?Support

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  1. Leftnut123

    Leftnut123 Member

    I've been running a lot of graphic heavy games since i got this tablet since that was one of the main reasons for getting it lol but for some reason gta will not play at all >.< so far the best i've got is the opening video about half way through and then it crashes to the desktop. i'm running it on performance mode like i do for other games but no help at all. any ideas on how to resolve this? it's currently rooted stock rom no other modifications.


  2. snuggles

    snuggles Well-Known Member

    I've played 3 different games tonight and all crashed and caused reboots. I thought this machine was going to be awesome but in my experience its been very disappointing! Ive never seen an ipad crash or shudder while scrolling while searching the web. What gives? Is this something i have to live with having this tablet? I'm about to drop kick this POS!

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