anyone else have poor Spring signal on GSIII?Support

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  1. KJewelry

    KJewelry New Member

    Just switched from HTC Evo 3-D to Galaxy SIII and am so far amazed at how BAD my Sprint signal is, whether in my house, at work, or in between. Anyone else have this problem with Sprint? My other phone was a lot better for signal strength. Have updated PRL several times. Is this a phone defect?

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    First thing I would suggest you do.. call Sprint and discuss the problem with them. If you are in an area where you have good 4G LTE or 3G connections and your data connection is whack, then you might wanna first do a "reset" on the device - and if that doesn't fix the problem then you might wanna consider getting the device checked out by a certified Sprint technician.

    Good luck.
  3. KJewelry

    KJewelry New Member

    Thanks. I bought the phone from Best Buy over Black Friday weekend, so should I go back to Best Buy? Or Sprint store?
  4. It's not the phone. It's the network!
  5. NinjaNik

    NinjaNik New Member

    I contacted Sprint over this exact issue... I live in Ohio & apparently they are working on towers to upgrade to 4g LTE in the Cincinnati, Columbus & Cleveland areas! They stated the upgrades should be complete within the first quarter of 2013.
  6. fourgee

    fourgee Active Member

    It&#8217;s not your imagination,. It&#8217;s not the "network". It&#8217;s the phone.
    I just added a S3 to my account & still have my EVO 4G active & side by side there is no comparison.
    My EVO has 3-4 bars in my house & works great, phone & internet. The S3 side by side has 1-2 bars & can&#8217;t connect to the Sprint Network until I go outside.
    Then it works great!
    I&#8217;m planning to get it replaced ASAP.
    BTW&#8230; Sprint is in the process of "upgrading" their network from Lucent to Samsung Head End equipment at the cell sites. That along with the transition of the frequency licenses from Nextel to Sprint as they shut down the antiquated iDEN system will result in great improvement for Sprint coverage. But it will likely be a rocky transition as they fine tune the newly configured network. Hang in there&#8230; once they get it all up & running and flush out all the bugs Sprint will become THE network to have. It&#8217;s already THE carrier to have based on their customer service alone.
    I "ported" my home phone (AT&T) to my new S3 and it was a very enlightening experience. As I had to go back & forth from calling AT&T to calling Sprint, I found myself on hold w/AT&T for an AVERAGE of 30min. I NEVER waited any longer than 1 min to get an English speaking, well trained human at Sprint.
    I don&#8217;t know how AT&T stays in business!
  7. gtgirl88

    gtgirl88 Active Member

    verizon is just as bad for low signals
  8. stellastarr47

    stellastarr47 New Member

    hello i had the same on my 4th samsung galaxy 3 within a month!could not use it in my home are in any place of of the sales people where i bought my phone ask me to try using it without the cover i had bought online and i did and now i love this phone!!!but i have put it in a knew wallet type cover and it still works fine!believe it or not it was the cover that was causing all of my problems with this phone!I hope this helps you

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