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Anyone else having flaky 4g behavior the last couple days?General

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  1. ekloot

    ekloot Member

    Not sure if verizon is doing something with the network or if my phone is suddenly doing something wierd...but over the last couple days I've lost 4g signal a few times at home. At home I've never lost 4g since I've had this phone but over the last day or two I've seen it drop down to 3g for a little while and then it eventually finds 4g again. Has anyone else seen this very recently? Maybe this is just in my area or maybe its just my phone...not really sure. I'm just hoping that my phone isn't going to suddenly start developing the 3g/4g cycling problems that I've heard about on other 4g verizon phones.

  2. dmj171

    dmj171 Member

    I think it's in certain areas. I noticed yesterday when I was at the store, my phone was in 3g and when I got home, it was right back to 4g.
  3. drake3

    drake3 Member

    No, 4G has been solid in my area, south western Ohio.
    No switching, just killing my battery.
  4. ekloot

    ekloot Member

    Maybe it was just something going on in my area. It's been fine today and as far as I've seen...it's been on 4g the entire day. Hopefully it stays that way.
  5. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    Any 4G issues you are having is not your phone, its a Verizon issue. All 4G Verizon phones are having this issue from time to time. Your 4G will disappear then come back as 1x, then go the 3G, & then back to 4G LTE. Verizon is aware of this issue w/ the network & is "working on it."
  6. KnightCrusader

    KnightCrusader Well-Known Member

    I work in Cincinnati and its been solid for me since I bought it on launch day. MUCH less flaky than the 'bolt!
  7. koreanpears

    koreanpears New Member

    nevermind. read it wrong.
  8. LoriLoo

    LoriLoo New Member

    Hello Treb, is this still an issue? How do you know? It's almost Feb 2012 and I am experiencing these issues. It's very annoying since I paid a good amount of money for this phone and I am unable to utilize it half the time. Very frustrating.

    Please let me know or let me know if anyone has additional information about this issue. Thanks so much!

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