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General Anyone else using ICS?

  1. GhostRed

    GhostRed Well-Known Member

  2. yfan

    yfan Well-Known Member

  3. blackbolt2099

    blackbolt2099 New Member

    I am (using Koush's rom), but so far I am still having trouble with calendar sync and the GPS.

    Really awesome otherwise, though.
  4. mjgravina

    mjgravina Member

    Yeah, eager to know how its going for other peeps. I decided to finally root my stock Nexus S 4G, there is only one tower here in Modesto, and so long as I have 3G and WiFi, I should be just fine.
    (You think still worth rooting, or better off waiting for official OTA update through Sprint?)
    Thanks and god bless.
  5. blackbolt2099

    blackbolt2099 New Member

    I eventually landed on this one built from the AOSP source:
    [ROM][28.11.2011] Brainmaster's tweaked ICS v6 - xda-developers

    Flashed the NS4G version after a full wipe, and haven't had any problems at all (well...ok...one lockup in a week, maybe). In my opinion (purely my opinion) ICS is worth jumping on board now, rather than waiting a month or more.

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