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Anyone else waiting for Passion?

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  1. vaxick

    vaxick Well-Known Member

    The Droid uses a PowerVR GPU and the Passion uses a AMD GPU. The GPU inside of the Passion is slightly better than what the Droid is equipped with. In PC video card terms, think of the Droid using the GT version of a video card and the Passion using the GTX version.

    We also know the Snapdragon CPU is faster than the OMAP CPU then Droid uses. The speed differences will not be drastic, but the Passion will be able to handle more multitasking. This is what is appealing about Snapdragon to many.

  2. tlbj6142

    tlbj6142 Well-Known Member

    I thought I read elsewhere that it begins 15-Nov. I believe there is a footnote on VZW's website to that effect. Might be on the shopping chart?
  3. dak244

    dak244 Well-Known Member

    I have officially returned my DROID (after less than a week). I just could not stand the weight, form factor, keyboard, etc. Just not for me -- doesn't help that I came from a Pearl either.

    I guess I'm on board with this thread.. waiting out the Passion...
  4. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    That doesn't help anybody who has already bought the phone, because....

    Correct. It starts Nov 15th, and you get til Jan 13th to return/exchange it.
  5. RC Addict

    RC Addict Well-Known Member

    A BIG +1 to that! Verizon doesn't need to go through that, although I do know several people whom are waiting to return theirs.
  6. RC Addict

    RC Addict Well-Known Member

    All it took was five minutes with my buddies Droid to convince me that it just isn't up to par.
  7. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    Funny thing, if they're waiting for the passion and it comes out in mid december, that would be beyond their 30 day return window. Heck even if it comes out in January, better to wait two months for a better phone that you'll have for at least a year.
  8. Stone

    Stone Well-Known Member

    I too am waiting for the Passion to replace my BB Storm. I've been drooling every since I saw the HD2 and was praying for an Android version. I'm a long time Blackberry user and the Storm was the last straw, the absolute worst smartphone I have ever owned, RIM just never got the OS right. This will be my 1st Android phone and I am looking forward to the 4" screen.

    My iPhone 3GS is a keeper which might be an unpopular choice around here, but since it's jailbroken and unlocked, it does just about everything right. AT&T however drives me nuts. I can't wait for the Passion!!!!!!
  9. Kragar

    Kragar Member

    You do know that many of us have been around a loooog time. Like since the Commodore PET came out. So your assumption that is was a laptop being discussed with a modern processor is a little off. My bet is if you ran a test with a snapdragon and compared it to the Commodore PET with its 1 MHz processor and all of 4k memory you might see there is a vast difference.

    The world did not start with computers 10 years ago for those of us over the age of 40. :D
    PET 2001 series / 2001-N & -B series, CBM 3000 series</SPAN>

    CPU: 6502, 1 MHz
    RAM: 4 or 8 KB / 8, 16, or 32 KB
    ROM: 18 KB, including BASIC 1.0 / 20 kB, including BASIC 2.0
  10. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    Taught myseft BASIC on a TRS-80 Color Computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    NO hard drive, no floppy for that matter. Programs were saved and loaded from a cassette tape drive. Of course cassettes may be before many poeple here.

    10 print "Yea, I'm old"
    20 goto 10
  11. alst0n15

    alst0n15 New Member

    im purchased my droid on the 6th so i am going to return it on december 5th or a little before then....i figure by then, if the passion really is comming to verizon then we will have more information about it and i will only have to go to my previous phone (storm) for about a week or two :)
  12. Kragar

    Kragar Member

    Is this on their web site someplace?

    I am in a situation I want to wait for the Passion but I have to convert my company phone to my personal account ASAP and I would hate to go buy something I could not return when the Passion comes out. :(
  13. vaxick

    vaxick Well-Known Member

    Joined the wait 100% now. Returned my Droid. The guy was really nice about it and give me his business card telling me to call him to schedule a appointment for when the Passion comes out.
  14. RC Addict

    RC Addict Well-Known Member

  15. tarponbeach

    tarponbeach Well-Known Member

    Wow, talk about flashbacks! I still have my Commodore PET, complete with cassette drive, and all the old Basic programs that I wrote way back when. I fired it up after I read your post....it still works!
  16. Kragar

    Kragar Member


    I finally tossed out all my old tapes and floppies from those days a couple of years ago. I figured I would never use all that stuff I wrote back then since I have nothing to run them on.

    Ahhh..for the days of a Steve Jackson text mystery game in bold black and white.
  17. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    yeah. i found it when i was doing a mock purchase (added the eris to the shopping cart, picked a plan, etc). towards the end there was a banner on the side of the page advertising their "holiday return policy" which is if you buy a phone from nov 15th-dec14th, you have til jan 13th to return/exchange it.
  18. phillypharm

    phillypharm Member

    i really love the droid so far but i'll be doing the same thing if passion news comes out by then, the idea of a 4.3" screen makes me salivate
  19. phillypharm

    phillypharm Member

    as far as weight goes, i think the passion will be as hefty if not moreso than the droid
  20. dak244

    dak244 Well-Known Member

    169 g (DROID) vs. 157 g (current HD2)

    may not seem like a lot but I think it will make a difference. A half an ounce is a half an ounce...
  21. Raji

    Raji Member

    I got the Droid the day it came out and I will be returning it this week so I can get the Passion whenever it comes out. I love the Droid but I just don't use the physical keyboard enough. Plus having a 4.3 inch screen would be so nice.
  22. Soup

    Soup Member

    Was wondering how confident people are feeling that the Passion will be released by the end of the year. With the Holiday return policy deadline being January 13th, instead of the normal 30 days from purchase, I am tempted to get the Droid now and just return/exchange it for the Passion when it gets released. This assumes though that it will come out before January 13th. Thoughts?
  23. Raji

    Raji Member

    All of the rumors that I have read are saying anywhere from Black Friday to mid December. I think it's going to hit mid December but I think it's going to be more expensive then the Droid. $249.99 or $299.99 with a two year deal. More news should leak out this week or next. At least I hope.
  24. boogen

    boogen Member

    Honestly, i was tempted to do the same, but i realized if anything happened to the Droid making it not returnable for any reason (scratched, water damage, lost, etc.) you would be stuck with your current phone and your upgrade will be lost. I decided to wait it out, cause if anything happens to my current phone now (assuming it would have happened to the droid) i could care less, as my storm is a POS. This way if your current phone gets messed up you will either end up with the Droid or wait it out phoneless (non-preferrably) till the passion is released. Our patience will be rewarded!
  25. Comedie

    Comedie Member

    Yep,,,, I'm waiting at least to see what the Passion has in it. Fancy processor? Larger screen? Whatever. I will be looking for one very basic thing..... are the fonts scalable everywhere so that I can actually read it easily. If the screen is 4.3" as supposed, and they don't reformat the display to try and fit more, then at least it would seem a 20% increase in readable size. Maybe that's enough, maybe not.
    If they keep dropping the ball on this font sizing stuff, then I am going to have to rummage around over the supposedly upcoming Verizon Palm Pre, the Samsung Omnia 2, and maybe the BB Storm 2.

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