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anyone find a way to disable the lock screen yet?Support

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  1. falkner09

    falkner09 Well-Known Member

    I just used No Lock on my old phone, but now Samsung's modifications seem to have made that ineffective. I also used the widget in extended controls, to no avail. any other options?

  2. falkner09

    falkner09 Well-Known Member

    well nevermind. I figured out the problem. turns out I shouldn't have had Extended Controls and No Lock installed at the same time, as they confuse each other.

    speaking of extended controls, does anyone know an app/widget I can download that puts widget style controls directly in the notification bar? EC just puts a shortcut to the widget, not as smooth as I was hoping. Looking for something like the regular Galaxy S phones have.
  3. Kozoku

    Kozoku Member

    Why would you want to disable the lock screen...? o_O Your phone would be displaying constantly thus draining battery right?
  4. falkner09

    falkner09 Well-Known Member

    No, screen lock is just the screen you go to when you turn on the screen with the power button. You can still have the screen turn off after a certain time, and anyway it will turn off if you hit the power button. By disabling the screen lock, you can go straight to the home screen, or running app or whatever. Especially useful in the car.

    While we're on the subject, everyone check out extended controls, its pretty nice. A customizable replacement for the stock controls widget thatyou can set a shortcut to in the notification menu. I wish the controls themselves could be set there though. Anyone know a widget that does that?
  5. I wanna disable the lockscreen because I m too tired to see the time with word when i see it... anyone know how to disabled that?
  6. chcknparmesan

    chcknparmesan Member

    I haaaaaate the lock screen. It doesn't always swipe open easily and I just want to check my mail! Oh how I miss my old sidekick :(

    Anyway, how to disable the stupid thing??
  7. sensesfail99

    sensesfail99 Well-Known Member

    I agree with disabling the lock screen. I don't like having to hit the button to wake the phone up and then having to also swipe to unlock the phone.
  8. chcknparmesan

    chcknparmesan Member

    Ok, I'm good now... I used the "no lock" app and no more drama. Is stupid you have to run an app instead of it just being a setting? Sure! But what can I say, that's the new sidekick people. Desgraciada.
  9. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    no lock works great on my sidekick
  10. Pira

    Pira Member

    do you know how to change the lock screen shortcut (the upper part) to open a different application? i did it once but cant remember how to change it again
  11. Pira

    Pira Member

    Never mind figured it out- seems like I usually answer my own simple questions right after I ask it hahah
  12. ybert

    ybert New Member

    How did you figure it out? how do you change or Remove the lock screen shortcut. Thanks!

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