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anyone got a DHD on vodafone?General

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  1. davo26

    davo26 Well-Known Member

    if so would you mind telling me your build number and baseband? i just need to know what voda are putting on their phones at present so i can change radio on a rooted phone.


  2. andy_3_913

    andy_3_913 Well-Known Member

    where do i find it?
    i've seen it, can't remember where. d'oh
  3. davo26

    davo26 Well-Known Member

    settings, about phone, software info :)

  4. andy_3_913

    andy_3_913 Well-Known Member

    Android version 2.3.5
    HTC Sense version
    Software number
  5. davo26

    davo26 Well-Known Member

    thanks for that mate. its not the software no im after tho, is there a build no anywhere in there?

    sorry to mess you about :)

    thanks a lot
  6. andy_3_913

    andy_3_913 Well-Known Member CL208029 release-keys

    not a problem :)

    ps, i know that's what it says under software number, but it's the same under build number, apart from the CL part
  7. davo26

    davo26 Well-Known Member

    thanks a lot for that :)

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