Anyone got the LG Optimus 4X HD?General

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  1. drakeit

    drakeit Active Member

    Just bought mine this afternoon, still charging. Any one got one and if so what do you think to it? Mine is so new I haven't tried anything on it, hoping it will function similar to the other phones I own and perhaps have a few functions new to me.

  2. dc82

    dc82 Member

    On mine right now :) only issue I'm having is trying to get H+ on att. Does anyone know if this phone will work on att's H+ speeds?
  3. krish3

    krish3 Member

    A review please.
  4. drakeit

    drakeit Active Member

    Can't give a full report as I am still comparing it to my other phones but I do like it very much. It generally runs smooth, works well as a computer, haven't tried the phone side so can't comment on that.

    I have tried it with several launchers and all run well, however I have noticed the battery draining quicker than the Galaxy S3, Sony Xperia S or the HTC One X. This I am currently investigating, its probably caused by a App which isn't on the other phones.

    Haven't tried the camera out properly but low light shots aren't as good as the HTC One X which produces outstanding photos in a dark room or overcast day.

    During a day of reading Android Forums, checking Email, taking a few photos, web browsing and setting up different launchers the battery was down to 45% at 10.00 at night, having been on since 7.00 in the morning. Should also mention that I have lots of notifications pooing up all day from the forums and the apps I use to view them.

    I would recommend it as a main phone as it operates and produces results very similar to the Galaxy S3 which is my favourite phone probably as it was my first top end phone.

    Hope this helps.
  5. animal47

    animal47 Well-Known Member

    Have you got to the bottom of the battery drain yet as I am trying to make up my mind between the LG, s3, note 2 and xperia t.
    Head says s3 but tbh I actually don't like the look or feel and not sure how long it will be before the note 2 goes on sale. Xperia t looks good but the LG is my favourite looking but after the last 2 years with a desire hd I don't fancy another phone with such poor battery life. With a 2150 mah battery it should surely be up to the job so something must be wrong as I have read several reviews moaning about battery life.
  6. RingKing

    RingKing Well-Known Member

    Are you not worried about the inevitable screen burn in on the SGS3 and Note2?
  7. drakeit

    drakeit Active Member

    For what I do the LG is very similar on battery usage to any of my other phones. I charge them all every night and battery seams to be at around 50% by the end of the day. They do get used for a lot of browsing and taking photos. Taking photos or using GPS will drain them quickly.

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  8. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    It should support H+ speeds. Now remember that some cities the HSPA speeds are good and some aren't.
  9. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    Well I will be receiving mine tomorrow... for some reason my work has decided we have to have these. Was hoping for a smaller phone than my One X but this is what I'm getting so will put up a review as soon as I get my hands on it.
  10. JeffTann

    JeffTann New Member

    Lipsync on Youtube and BBC i-player is out despite trying various settings. No such problems on my
  11. aaronpark503

    aaronpark503 New Member

    So if i use the phone in the US HSPA+ for tmobile or LTE for verizon or att will work even if it's factory unlocked international version? and is it worth the 400 im paying for or should i just upgrade to the note 2? I think that this phone has extra features that the note doesnt have and found it intriguing. also in the US there's the Optimus G now is that better or the 4x HD?
    Please help me!

    Also on the side, for international versions, HSPA+ and LTE only works for certain phones in the US? is there a list i can look at?

    Thanks guys whoever does help!
  12. rich2626

    rich2626 Well-Known Member

    I bought one,wish I hadn't,it's pretty crap...feels really cheap,and looks even worse...

    I guess you gotta pay the big bucks too get a decent phone......

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