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  1. jackhayden

    jackhayden New Member

    I am new to HTC ChaCha and i found out that whenever im tying a text, sometimes it automatically jumps to the top of the message. Anyone can please help? Anyone else having this problem please help :(

  2. jelenajt

    jelenajt New Member

    I have the same problem and don't know what to do :(
  3. Azu Elf

    Azu Elf New Member

    I have that problem too!! Has anyone found a way to solve it yet? T_T it is so annoying.....
  4. 4fuksake

    4fuksake New Member

    Same problem here!!! it is so annoying somebody has to do something! :mad:
  5. redia

    redia Active Member

    Same problem for it. It happend time to time, probably when I type 2 keys at the same time
  6. slovakgal

    slovakgal Member

    I have the same problem! But it seems noone knows the answer :( but yeah, it does seem like it happens when I press a key and delete or something of the sort... weird stuff...
  7. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    It's just a ****** up phone.. A product that was not ready to bring it on the market. A scandalous attempt of HTC to sell this not completely developed phone. But i bought it for about 150 euro so i take the downsides too. I have the same problem but didn't find a solution either. I think there is none, except to live with it or buy a new phone.
  8. Marcus Assab

    Marcus Assab Member

    I have not had this problem, maybe theres a command on the keyboard that sends it to the top maybe. Contact HTC maybe you might get some answers.
  9. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    You are right.. Contacting the HTC helpdesk is something people should do in case of problems. But i have the feeling that the HTC helpdesk would be able to help me with my problem in 20% of the time and this forum in 85% of the time. So i usually skip the helpdesk part. The one time i contacted them about this, they were no help at all, only had general information and not about Chacha specific... and in the end i got an advice that was completely useless to me : Convince the dealer to give me back my money and take the phone back.

    I have the impression the thing with the messages is really a software bug as it jumps to different places with different keys.. And after pressing the same keys the next time, it doesn't jump there. Also : the key combination are normal text in a text message. I can see that sometimes the machine doesn't do a spelling check, sometimes it does. If it didn't, then i go over the words again, the machine does the check anyway.
    Further more, for some strange reason, the software doesn't realise sometimes that a new sentence should start with a Capital letter.. but most of the time it does the job well. But the software bug seems to be getting worse though.
    The keyboard and messaging software that is combined in the Chacha seems to be a box of bugs.
  10. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Have any of you tried using a different app for texting? I'm hoping the problem is software related and a different app might be a great work-a-round for you. There are a number of free texting apps at the play store.
    I would also like to welcome all of you new members to Android Forums. I hope you all enjoy your time here.
  11. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    I installed two texting apps a long time ago and didn't find them to be smooth running so i erased them. Maybe after some time and updates, they could be a good idea now.
    I tried to install a few keyboard apps too but the workability with the normal keyboard of the Chacha is gone by doing so.. So i erased these apps too.
  12. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Not using the phone.. it just struck me odd that so many of you were having the same problem. Perhaps it is a glitch in the stock text app. If so, another text app might be the ticket. I use the stock HTC messaging app with my Rez with no problems. I would try another if it were giving me grief however. It might not fix a thing but would cost nothing but a bit of time for a trial. I hope you guys can get to the bottom of the problem or come up with a fix of some sort.

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