anyone have google voice working on htc vivid?Support

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  1. cgc4200

    cgc4200 Member

    ran into my first snag with the vivid and unfortunately it's a familiar one...I have never had much luck with google voice....does anyone have it working on the vivid?

  2. perryh

    perryh Member

    mine works perfect when im in the states, im also in canada alot it doesnt work when im up here but i use groove ip to get around that, piggy backs off of g voice and works great for canadians
  3. cgc4200

    cgc4200 Member

    when i try to configure vm i get a call settings error that reads, " failed to retrieve and save current forwarding number settings. do you want to switch to the new provider anyway? "

    if i select yes i get another call settings error, "forwarding number change unsuccessful. please contact your carrier if this problem persists. "

    any advice how to resolve?
  4. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    cgc4200 - i got the same results - i had to change the numbers manually to forward to my google voice number when unanswered, busy, etc. Once you do that, it'll work fine - but if you try changing the voice mail from Carrier to Google Voice, it'll give you that error. Also, sometimes you'll get an error when trying to change the numbers manually but it'll eventually go through. I don't know why this happens and I hope it'll be fixed some day but it will work if you configure it manually.
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  5. cgc4200

    cgc4200 Member

    Ok thanks I guess I didn't see that option will revisit
  6. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    Yes - go to Settings>Call>Call forwarding - and the last three selections (busy, unanswered, unreachable) should be changed to forward to your Google Voice number. Keep the first one (Always forward) as disabled. Like I said, sometimes when you click on the Call forwarding - you'll get "Network or SIM card error" but keep trying and it'll work.

    Leave Voicemail service and Voicemail settings alone.

    Then Google Voice will work like it should. Good luck!

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