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  1. chas9rr

    chas9rr Member

    Is it just me or is it REALLY quiet here? I know it hasn't been out very long, but is this normal for a new phone? I want a phone with a physical keyboard and this seems to be the best one out right now. It is getting pretty good reviews on the web, but it makes me a little worried that it seems like no one is buying this phone.
    Any ideas?

  2. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    I have this phone and love it. I'm on it right now. If you insist on a physical keyboard, this is the best phone in the world. People aren't buying it cos it's not trendy like an iphone or. galaxy where all their friends have it....and chances are most of the people who do are too busy using it to talk about it.

    The only drawback I've seen mentioned is the camera, which is fine but obviously not amazing. I love that you can turn the flash on as a light while using the video camera...I just figured that out last night.

    The screen looks awesome. I got them to hook it up to wifi at the sprint store so I could watch Gangnam Style on it from youtube; and that sold me. It looked amazing, and was LOUD. I have to have a good speaker. The Colorboost screen is a little much on occasion (the greens in The Matrix are even more over the top) but if you're not holding it next to your professionally calibrated HDTV screen, chances are you and 99% of everybody else won't be bothered by it.

    I highly recommend it.
  3. jeeptecb

    jeeptecb Well-Known Member

    i had the phone for about a week. it was nice but after coming from a Galaxy s2 then an EVO 4g lte i found the screen was too small. i was informed it had 16gb of memory . i found out it had only 8. i never used the slide out key board. dont get me wrong this is a good phone just wasn't for me. i have an otter box cover for this phone pvt me if anyone is interested
  4. CzechPleez

    CzechPleez Well-Known Member

    Great comments! Agree with all your awesome points. Glad you like the Photon Q!! We like it a lot too. :)
  5. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    Yep! I just picked up a 10 foot micro HDMI cable for it, so if I'm someplace with an HDTV, I can display my videos on it (and have enough cable to control it from the couch!): Cable Matters 10 feet Premium GOLD Plated Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable for HTC, Motorola and other portable devices with Micro HDMI port: Electronics

    Netflix works great too, though the mobile app isn't quite HD, but watchable (tested on a 50 inch TV, so if yours is smaller, it'll probably look great).

    The camera does shoot really good HD video. It's highly defined! ;)

    Edit: I just started looking for a cell phone tripod mount, cos the camera's so good, AND THEY ACTUALLY EXIST!! Hopefully I can find one that fits this phone!
  6. chas9rr

    chas9rr Member

    Well I pulled the trigger and got one. For $49 at best buy, its probably the best deal in cell phones going right now.

    So far so good... it is so much faster than my previous phone its not even funny. Haven't had a chance to play with it too much, but it seems like a great phone. The keyboard is great.

    The only drawback so far, and not really the phones fault, is that I drive for a living and I wear polarized sunglasses. When ya turn the phone on the side, like to type, I cant see the screen hardly at all. Good thing I drive at night mostly.

    I hope alot of other people pick up this phone, hate to see it go to the dust heap in a hurry. I would have thought people that like customizing their phone would really like it because of the unlockable bootloader.
    Guess time will tell...

  7. Billkwando

    Billkwando Well-Known Member

    Corey that you?

    Edit: $50?? I paid $200 for mine like 3 weeks ago at the Sprint store. LOL
  8. PythonFanTN

    PythonFanTN New Member

    I got mine at Sams Club for just under $75 4 weeks ago this Friday, they had the cheapest price up till now.
  9. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Okay...going in to Best Buy to see if they'll do a price match again, since I'm a Silver Rewards member. Even though I bought this for a family member, I'm still happy to get savings wherever I can.
  10. smRN7

    smRN7 New Member

    I am new here and did not mean to post this here...and wasn't sure if I should start a new thread? I am not exactly a tech head but can hold my own with stuff once I learn terminology etc. I am new to Droid/smart phones, but my question is this...can the Photon Q be fully flashed to Metrocps so it maintains all its functions? I mean, if I, or someone else was able to do this, can it be done??? I know the Photon Q has an unlockable bootloader and you can customize and flash the kernels and lotsa other stuff...just want to know if this gives it an advantage over other phones as far as being able to flash to other CDMA carriers, or if the advanced features/capabilities have nothing to do with it. Does anyone know if it has been done with the Photon Q and worked out and functions held up?

    Thank you so much.
  11. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    One has nothing to do with the other. Some people have attempted flashing a sprint phone over to another provider, but it wasn't a simple endeavor. So, easy answer is no. And LTE would not work, should you be successful flashing over.
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  12. TexSon

    TexSon New Member

    I have had the phone about 6 weeks now and it has the best keyboard on the market. Not that there are a lot of options for a real keyboard. The one thing I don't like about it is it autoloads most my apps and I haven't found a way to prevent it doing that. Obviously that eats up battery life.

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