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  1. Mit321

    Mit321 New Member

    Just got this phone. Anyone else in the UK have this? I wonder if it will be picked up by a ROM developer of any sort? I got it on 3 Pay as you go and am now (trying) to unlock it- gotta wait for 3 to get the code of Samsung.

    [EDIT] Seems like the phone comes preunlocked which is great! Should have tried another sim before ringing 3 :p

  2. 6i9

    6i9 Member

    I was actually looking to get this phone but I'm still a bit unsure.

    Are you able to post some videos of the phone and how it works, also perhaps a small review on it?
  3. Mit321

    Mit321 New Member

    This is in a foreign language but gives you a look at the phone:

    YouTube - Antar Muka Samsung Galaxy Pro


    Good Keyboard
    Light but feels well built
    Running Froyo 2.2

    No Flash Support
    Screen quite low res

    I've got it for my mum to use as a no-nonsense android phone for wifi tethering with her laptop and emails, texts and calls so does the job great
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  4. 6i9

    6i9 Member

    Yeah I saw that video quite a while back. At the moment I have a Nokia E71 which has been water damaged and I was looking to switch to an Android operating system phone and this looks like an ideal replacement. I don't mind if the screen res is low, it's the same as my E71 and I don't have the urge to get a full HD phone with a high res camera if you catch my drift.

    Was also tossing this up with the Galaxy S but I'm not the biggest fan of touch screens and Galaxy S 2 would probably be way beyond my budget.

    Are you able to make a short video just showing the Social Hub, Customisation with widgets, etc?
  5. Bollitodipanda

    Bollitodipanda New Member

    Hi, I bought this Galaxy Pro last week but I am quite unhappy.
    First of all, I switched from Blackberry 9700. I thought android to be more evolute, but it is not.
    Many things are difficult to manage and I have to bother about turn wifi, bt, sync, gps on and of as I move to a place to other.
    With galaxy pro, placing phonecalls is quite annoying. No voice commands program is intalled, so I have to buy one. Therefore, I had ti waste time to discover which is best. The bluetooth is not stable and sometimes, when I'm driving, I loose the connection. Using the keyboard is painfull because it takes several passages to find the phone number.
    Google voice actions works (???) in english only, but only for google search.
    The display has a poor quality. Under the sunlight is impossible to see the screen.
    The battery lasts only half day, unless i disable all services... Which is silly, since I don't whant to bother to turn this on and that off each time I go somewhere....
    Any ideas to improve this phone?
  6. 6i9

    6i9 Member

    You've answered your own question in your paragraph.

    Your usage time for the phone is ridiculous. Not many phones would even last a day with all the things you have running.
  7. AndroidUser()

    AndroidUser() New Member

    I've got this phone and I think it's quite good. If Android had BBM it would be great. Yes the battery does drain if you use it constantly with many apps running simultaneously but use a optimzer and it should fix it. My battery use to go in half a day but the optimzer closes everything I need except the apps im using and it last looonng. Plus if you always using GPS and Wi Fi it will drain quickly like any other phone:)
  8. bitsybobsy

    bitsybobsy Well-Known Member

    Are other network doing this phone ?
  9. parth.lawate

    parth.lawate New Member

    Just got this phone & rooted it.. Not able to find any ROMS for this one though.. Also want to see if anyone knows how to upgrade it to Android 2.3.. & anyway to enable multitouch on it ? Or does the hardware itself not support it ?

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  10. StuPoole

    StuPoole Member

    You say you use an optimizer, just wondering which one you use so i can get it straight away when i get my phone delivered, as i know it will do what i want (what you say)
  11. StuPoole

    StuPoole Member

    I just ordered mine on Orange, and I believe Tmobile, vodaphone and O2 are also doing it. Go to carphone warehouse and check it out :)
  12. Angus.mac1

    Angus.mac1 New Member

    Having had a BB (edge) and a Desire, i think this is a good compromise of BB size and physical keypad, with the wealth of the android app market. It is still fiddly to get synched to outlook for tasks and notes - but at least there is software available for this now - there wasn't 1 year ago... The radio app has v good fm reception but The WiFi connectivity is weaker than my Desire... The Screen is small - but that's part of the compromise to get a candybar smartphone with a physcial keypad ...

    Biggest bane is lack of flash player. It is definitely reported to be supported in many reviews. Does someone know something i don't?
  13. ahdeshpande

    ahdeshpande New Member

    Personally i have kind a liked this device from the day i have bought it. As days are passing i am liking it much to an extent. Reading above quotes, I agree it cannot replace functionalities of BB 9700 (which i also use), but for a basic user point of view it is good in following aspects:
    - Ease of Use
    - Speed
    - Battery life
    - FUnctionalities
    - Easy Integration with Google and other applications.
    and many more. Ofcourse there are few cons, but If i am not wrong they are in any phones.
    In all I would recommend this one for an intermediate user who requires to use Phone, Messaging, Chat, Email, GPS, etc...
  14. The-Stig

    The-Stig Well-Known Member

    HTC chacha looks better and is a little bit cheaper on cpw atm
  15. hasta_guy

    hasta_guy New Member

    Hello Friends,

    M a user from INDIA. i have been using this cellfone from last 2months. IF anyone needs any suggestion or help regarding apps or this fone...,, feel free to ask...

    i will summarize many things out here,

    some people have issues with battery, some has issues with resolution of screen, etc..

    Battery is not very good, i get satisfactory backup... U cant expect a smartfone giving backup of 30hours when u use all those apps which require internet sync.

    U need to manage the apps smartly to get the best battery backup.

    galaxy pro has captive touchscreen. Screen resolution is fair. Its much better than resistive touchscreen in all the aspects.

    This fone supports Flash 10.1 .. I dont know how many people got benefited after installing flash 10.1 . I installed it but since i dont do a lot of browsing on this cell, so i m not sure of the outcome of installing flash.

    I am happy with this fone as a replacement of a BB, but i m not very happy with my purchase as i m missing big screen and more power in android phone.

    There is no custom rom available till date as this phone failed to create interest in developer's mind. So we are left behind in the league of android users as we cant do modifications to remove junk and crap softwares which are shipped with phone....
  16. dinodavid

    dinodavid New Member

    I have issues like when i run 2 or 3 apps the phone restarts by itself.i am not able answer calls with the provided headset. Is there any other option for dual function headsets like to answer calls and control the music.I am using the phone in india.

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