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Touchscreen Problems?

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  1. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Well-Known Member

    My first TF300 had dead pixels. I got a replacement, and the screen was perfect. I thought it was a keeper (and i really liked it) until I started playing some intensive games and the right side of the screen would become unresponsive to my touch. It made games like Dead trigger and Fruit Ninja unplayable as I could see where my touches weren't being registered. The only thing that would fix this issue was to reset the screen, but it would come back within 5-10 minutes no matter what task I was doing. I tried factory reset, and cold booting, but the problem just continued to come back. I have read of similar problems with the Nexus 7 and they think it's a hardware/heat issue as the heat sink is on the right side of the tablet (I'm not sure about the 300). I was almost out of my 30 day return window, so I just had to RMA this one as well and am getting a refund this time. I am just a little hesitant to order another one. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thanks.

  2. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Well-Known Member

    Turns out this was a defective unit in case anyone had this problem.

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