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  1. Diabolique

    Diabolique Active Member

    Considering a LePan TC 970. Anyone have any experience with these?

    For a couple of weeks now, I've been looking at different Android tablets. I know that the tablet I want will have features similar to the newest Samsung Galaxy pad, and I want it to be a 9.7-10 inch.

    I found a model without much information on the web, a LePad TC 970. It was apparently new to the market as of June 2011. So far, I have discovered that this tablet has the best positive review ratio among any models available today. I did a little more research and it appears that the LePan is manufactured by Matsunichi, a very well known Chinese manufacturer. The price is $299 right now, about half of what I would pay for a bigger name brand with similar features.

    I was wondering if there were any folks out there who might have considered or purchased this product and have any comments for me before I pull the trigger. I feel like I can't go wrong at that price point with the features and quality build.

  2. tommyfilth

    tommyfilth New Member

    I have been keeping an eye on these for a couple of weeks now. I tried my local MicroCenter to see it and even though the website said they have six there were none. I was really hoping to see one in person. Today they dropped the price to $299 from $350 and Amazon dropped the price from $299 to $292. I hope this trend keeps up until I am saved up to buy one.

    I have a zenithink right now that even with all the quirks, I still like but it's pretty slow and the screen has slim viewing angle. looking forward to a nice screen as I use it for comics alot.

    All reviews point toward the LePan being a good tablet, It's either this or the Viewsonic Gtablet.

    Somebody has to have one out there???

  3. Diabolique

    Diabolique Active Member

    Well, I pulled the trigger and bought one. It should be here in a couple of days, so I'll let you know how it goes!
  4. D00M2012

    D00M2012 New Member

    I've had my tc970 about 3 weeks and paid $320. The day after I ordered Amazon dropped the price $20 and its dropped even lower since then. It was worth every penny I paid so at the current price nothing out there even comes close what you get for your money. This is my first tablet so maybe I'm a bit bedazzled with it but the screen image quality looks incredible on this. I can't imagine how anyone could be disappointed after buying one of these. BTW anyone who is having issues with this tablet should try the new firmware update. Its not available on the web site yet but you can post a request to support and they will send you the download link. After the firmware update the satellite image layer on google maps now works without crashing and flash video playback seems to work better now.
  5. nehinbin

    nehinbin Member

  6. I too have my eyes on the TC970.
    Diabolique: did you get yours? impressions?
  7. Decided to buy one. And it's pretty good! Battery life is excellent (more than 8h just running on web and games), viewing angle very good, and it is not expensive.
  8. Diabolique

    Diabolique Active Member

    I've had mine for almost a month now. In fact, I'm typing this from my LePan. So far, I haven't used it heavily, but so far I'm pleased. My main complaint is the Android keyboard, believe it or not. My phone is an Incredible, and the default keyboard on it is much better than the one on the tablet. This keyboard is less user-friendly for me and it seems a bit laggy, but I haven't tried the firmware update. Another problem for me is that I've been unable to find an app that allows me to sync my exchange E-mail, although i suspect that it has something to do with our server and not the tablet. I had the same problem with my previous phone, an Eris. Believe me, I've tried every app for exchange, and I've yet to find one that works. But at least I'm able to use OWA and check my exchange mail online on the tablet, so for now, I'm ok with that.

    The display is amazingly bright and is visible from nearly any angle. So crisp and clear! But of course it's a fingerprint magnet. I bought a plain cut-to-size screen protector, but it really doesn't seem to help. That, and the glare is awful. I still havent found a good anti-glare protector to fit this screen, but I bought one on ebay that was designed to fit an ipad but didnt appear to have the pre-cut parts like most others. I haven't had time to install it yet. I'll let you know when i have.

    I couldn't find a good case with stand that fits it, either. I bought one on ebay yesterday that i thought might work, so I'm looking forward to getting it and trying it out. It is advertised as an ipad case but it is held on with elastic straps across all four corners and seemed like it might not cover up any crucial buttons.

    I've used the tablet for all basic internet functions and E-mail, and also as a Kindle reader, and it works flawlessly. The battery life is excellent, especially when the power is left on and i dont touch it for a day or two. I have literally left it sitting (powered on) with half a battery for three days and picked it up and used it as an e-reader for more than three hours before needing to recharge.

    I can't seem to get youtube videos to play back, but theres a little info regarding that issue and how to resolve it located on amazon. Again, I havent had time to try the firmware update or the suggestions in the Amazon reviews but i hope to soon.

    As for the hardware, this thing is incredibly solid. There is no plasticky feel and the back is beautifully built. The chrome accents on the sides add to its visual appeal. It is a well built tablet, that's for sure. I'm not too fond of the power button being so tiny and hard to press when I want to wake the device, but that's a minor annoyance. It charges fairly quickly, and it seems to charge faster when powered down. I haven't used the camera yet, and dont really plan to listen to music, either, so i dont care about those functions.

    Overall, I feel that this tablet is an excellent value. If i can try a different keyboard and find it to be better, and i can get youtube working properly, I'd rate this an 9/10. Give me compatible screen protectors and cases, and it might be a 10/10. Hope that helps your decision a little!
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  9. timothyh

    timothyh Member

    I'm also interested in the Le Pan, but I'm worried about support. Their website seems rather lacking, and their forum has one member and the administrator. Have any of you had a good experience with support? I'm not sure why they don't have the mentioned update posted on their web site. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. talormolly

    talormolly Member

    never heard that
  11. TheJester73

    TheJester73 New Member

    I bought this little workhorse on sale for 250 bucks. Worth every penny. However, through most media websites and Le Pans own, they boast Netflix to be working.....

    Any link on the market place was telling me "Sorry pal, cant do it". strange enough since its been o n the news that its supposed to run on this build.

    I sent a request to their support wanting to know what gives and are they aware that they are boasting their tab as being Netflix capable, and I, as a customer can not... days and days have passed and I have yet to get a response...

    Can't be that I am in Canada.. I know many people with other tabs either droid or pads all run netflix with no issues. I wound up having to sideload the 1.4 netflix apk and boom. It worked just fine...

    Still confused as to why in the marketpalce that this app isnt showing up.....

    The other issues with this tab:

    placement of the flipping power button... why isnt it recessed? you bump it and it puts the tab into sleep...

    Fingerprints... I know.. moot..but man this thing really makes a mess, front and back, it came with a cleaning pad, but you need to buff this thing out after even light use to get the smears off the screen and bezel.

    Screen. large and pretty it is....but its slightly awkward to hold since the screen extends pretty much to the bezel, and of course when holding it, it will recognize the touch at the ends of the screen and the result is in gestures such as tapping, or even menus are opened etc

    Accessories. There are none. I aint paying 40 bucks for a Ipad stand that was made from injection molds by some kid in Cambodia for less than 10 cents... I bought a 10 dollar photo easel and it works like a charm... I have yet to find a folding stand that fits. I wound up just buying a leather slipcase from Targus at walmart for 30 bucks...but there is no place to put my cables and such. Its fine for just day to day, but I ride a motor cycle and fly alot, and I was told that there are a lot of netbook cases that would more than likely work for my needs and cheap too.

    native video does not support anything other than wmv etc. No avi etc, need an app for that...but thats okay.

    I am really really new to the tablet market. This tab was the only reason I never bought the transformer (IMO is pound for pound the best deal going for new tabs with a boatload of bells and whistles at 399can), I find the price point way to high, and this tab being sub 300 is pretty badass...

    Its stripped down. you need somehting thats a good eReader for all them comics or kindle? Hop on the net r play some games and watch vids while passing the time away? this thing is spot on.

    even though the name and price should make you think its too good to be true? all my little beefs are easily overlooked. Its solid well built. the case is aluminum. not plastic. Screen is bright and huge. Speakers are good for its size. Picture quality is fine. Runs smoothly.
  12. punydevil

    punydevil New Member

    Got one for my wife. For the money, this thing rocks. Tremendous battery life. Solid build. Nice screen but does attract fingerprints. Biggest concern was support. Opened a support ticket on their website to inquire about purchasing spare 30-pin cables since they appear to be proprietary and I know I'll lose it. Got a response within minutes and even though I don't know of another source for the cables, they charged me a whopping $4 each. (iPad gets $19 for theirs.) If it lasts 2 years it was plenty worth it. Word on the street is it gets an Ice Cream Sandwich update in early 2012.
  13. Lutherz

    Lutherz New Member

    The wife has a touchpad. It sucks compared to the le pan. Only problem I have is does anyone have a video chat app that works on the TC970. I can't get any working. Other than that it works great. If you want netflix in canada you have to find a apk to download and it will work . Mine plays netflix now and i'm from canada. Everything works great on the le pan, great screen resolution. Very happy with it.$235 at right now.
  14. cuongvd

    cuongvd New Member

    Just got it yesterday for just $269 from Amazon.
    Very decent tablet for that price.

    Still looking for a case/stand for it.
    Any one found a compatible one ?

    Another thing is how come Yahoo mail and messenger is not supported.
    I search on market, it doesn't show Yahoo Mail an messenger.
    I went direct to Yahoo website, tried to download it, it said the device is not supported ???

  15. MoeyCat1

    MoeyCat1 New Member

    HI everyone, I am new to this site and received my le pan tablet two days ago. I like everything about it so far except that I constantly have to reset the tablet to wake it up from sleep mode. Has this happened to anyone else? Or do I just have a defective model? Thanks for any help you can offer! :)
  16. TheJester73

    TheJester73 New Member

    I have had the tab only lock up once, and needed to use the reset button.

    all i need to to is tap the power button to turn the screen on and then slide to unlock.

    @cuongvd - Walmart. Slips cases and netbook bags will work. As for a stand, I went to Greenearth and bought a metal picture easel and it works just fine.

    EDIT: Just an update on its durability, I had accidentally placed it upside down in my saddle bag and when I removed the slip case from the bag, the tab hit the ground, right by the power button. Its scratched the bezel, and works just fine still. If this was a plastic case, i am sure it would have been worse.......
  17. Diabolique

    Diabolique Active Member

    Time for an update about my LePan. We went on vacation a couple of weeks ago and I took the tablet with me. With the wifi connection available in the condo, I was able to surf the net as easily (or more easily than) as I could have with a laptop. It worked great for viewing all of our lovely vacation pictures, too. I sent a bunch of e-mails and caught up on some work while I was there.

    When we returned home, all of a sudden I couldn't get the screen to power on. I tried everything I could think of, and finally opened a support ticket on the manufacturer's site. I had a response within MINUTES! That's much better support than I was expecting. They made a couple of suggestions as to what might solve this problem, but I had already tried those. Then they suggested that I plug another device into the charger to make sure it wasn't defective, but of course there were no other devices onhand that were compatible with the charger. I replied with that information, and they immediately generated a return authorization number and had me send it back for service. Yes, I had to pay the shipping myself but sending the most economical route through USPS with tracking and insurance only cost $11.00.

    I'll update this post once I've had my next contact with support.
  18. punydevil

    punydevil New Member

    Case/stand that works quite nicely: Targus Truss Leather Carrying Case with Stand for Apple iPad 16GB, 32GB, 64GB WiFi and WiFi + 3G THZ02201US (Beige/Green Interior): Electronics
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  19. I'm using a Targus leather case for Touchpad. Fits nicely.
  20. nehinbin

    nehinbin Member

    fring works for video chatting.

    I think Tango might work as well.
  21. nehinbin

    nehinbin Member

    Has anyone had any luck rooting the Le Pan? They don't release the USB drivers so I've been trying to find an alternative solution online.
  22. I've been using the tablet for a month now, and I got an odd issue with the Android Market. I can use the Market app without any issue, but if I go on the Android market website, if I log on with my google account, it says that I have no devices my account. Two weeks ago, the website used to dispay my device, and I could buy/install app from the website.

    Contacted Google, they said that my tablet is not compatible with Market. Any of you guys have that issue?
  23. nehinbin

    nehinbin Member

  24. wswalley

    wswalley New Member

    I've had the Le Pan for about a month and I love it. I'm sure it will be even better with an update to 4.0. It goes everything that I wanted it to do. Great ereader, GPS works well, great video player.

    Wish it had a standard usb plug but this is a small con. Paid 20 bucks more than the 250 dollar Nook and it is 100% better.
  25. nehinbin

    nehinbin Member

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