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  1. Odd thing is, it used to work for me through the website. Oh well.

    Sad thing it won't run 4.0. The company said it would a couple months ago.

  2. romeoz

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    It is coming for their new tablet, not the current one. The TC970 runs 2.2 which is a completely different platform than 3.0+.

    2.2 was designed for mobile devices; Google rushed its release to compete against Apple so it's lacking a lot of support. This OS wasn't meant for a tablet and it is not upgradable.

    3.0 was designed specifically for tablets; thus having the ability to upgrade to 4.0.

    I guess you get what you pay for ($260), still a worthy investment.

    LEONLEWT New Member

    Just received my Le Pan last week. Very nice unit.

    Problem I have , is it seems to be locking up when I use youtube for a few minutes, or do some heavy web surfing. All of a sudden video will not load,..or webpage will not load. Only way to continue using these applications is to power off, then on again. Have had to reset a couple times,... but frequently power on/off. Too frequent for my liking. Not sure if its related to my wifi signal,.. which at times shows 2 of 4 bars in my house. I am leaning towards sending this thing back,..otherwise I like it,..wish it worked flawlessly like most on this forum are reporting. Any thoughts or ideas ? Anyone?

  5. victoriastuart

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    Hi - I got the Le Pan TC 970 about a week ago (arrival date) from ($235). I too have had issues with the unit freezing up when in sleep mode (requiring a reset), and a few times while using. Given the overall quality of this device, I can live with it, and simply power off when not using it. I contacted Le Pan tech support about this, and they offered to RMA it; I'll wait to see if I will take them up on that! ;-)

    I really love this tablet!! The Wi-Fi capability is awesome, and I can relax in bed checking my Google Reader news feeds, facebook, searching the the internet, and reading ebooks (using the Aldiko app). I previously had two Archos tablets; the A/C charger connector (internal) broke about a week after the 1-year warranty (this should have never happened, as I am very gently), and they wouldn't fic it, gratis. So, that's it for them ...

    The default video player can't play anything - highly frustrating when I first got it, but I installed the MoBo Video player, and no problems since (downloaded torrents: TV shows; music videos). That player will often crash after I've finished watching a video, and I can't set the default directory, but again - not a big issue, for me.

    I was also having trouble with file transfers (those big videos / TV shows) via the USB cable/30-pin adapter, but I got a Micro SD card USB reader at London Drugs ($20), and now do direct transfers from my desktop computer/Ubuntu OS to my Patriot 16GB Micro SD card (bundled with the Le Pan for an extra $40).

    Lastly, also at London Drugs I got a fabulous leather "i-CON" case, for ~$10 (intended for the iPad; in tan-colored leather, which I much preferred - more 'character' - over the black leather case, which was also more expensive, at $15; here's a link to a picture/description: i-CON by ASD iPad Genuine Leather Sleeve-Style Case (Brown) - Sale Prices - Deals - Canada's Cheapest Prices - Shoptoit). The case is very slim, and the tablet just slips comfortably yet snugly into it, there is a small leather tab at the top tha slips into a loop at the top, outer surface, preventing it from slipping out (like that could happen). I cut some of the case threads (it's stiched) to enable me not to have to remove my earbuds, so as to mot place strain on that connector (read my Archos parable, above).

    Battery life is wonderful - easily two days of a couple of hours usage, daily. (I also downloaded a battery indicator app, that sits in the top menu bar and gives a percentage battery life remaining indicator).

    I hope that these comments are helpful; I'd like to "root" this tablet, but am wary on that, as my main motive would be simply to install a better ad/popuo blocker, and to allow the clock to sync with an atomic clock. I ahven't rooted a device before, and I may need to RMA this, if the freeze-ups continue (i.e. are irritaing enough to do that).

    Sincerely, Victoria :)
  6. victoriastuart

    victoriastuart New Member

    I meant to add this to my last post:

    Le Pan tech support (online: has been good.

    I hammered them with a bunch of questions (cases) after I got this unit, about some of the issues in my last post, and they were very responsive, helpful (as much as possible), and sympathetic when they couldn't address an issue (offering, e.g., to RMA my tablet, as mentioned).
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    sorry - a duplicate reply was posted due to forum error message (backup in progress?) - deleted here
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    Hi all. I just got my Le Pan last week and I am very impressed with the unit. The more I use it, the better I like it. It has the best screen of all my units - view at any angle! And I have had to charge the unit only once. I read in another forum about the camera mirroring. I don't see any problem with the camera. The camera on my two other tablets are exactly the same as the Le Pan.

    Update: After working with the LePan for a little over a week, I returned the unit. It worked perfectly for me but it is very heavy compared to other tablets and I didn't like the big icons on the tablet - looks too cartoonish! I am looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 8.9 - even if is it $200 more. I think that it is a lot more likely that the Samsung will get Ice Cream Sandwich than the LePan.
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    First of all as many of you have stated this unit works great. Can't beat it for the price. The only issue I am having is when it starts up after a cold boot or hibernation it will take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes for the touch screen to respond normally. Sometimes I've needed to reset it. Once the issue clears up it works fantastic.

    Le Pan has suggested I return the unit for repair or replacement. Before I do that I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas or had simulair issues. For what it's worth it did a complete lockup last night. The reset button was the only way to recover. Other than this, I really like this tablet.
  10. Diabolique

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    I just got my tablet back from LePan support today. They called me about a week ago to discuss the problem of not being able to turn on the device, and it turns out that the charger was simply faulty. Yes, I paid $11 to ship it back, only to find that the charger was defective, but in their defense the service was excellent. I doubt that they could have known about the charger being defective just from the sole information that the tablet wouldn't power on.

    I don't know what they did to the tablet to enable YouTube viewing, but now the app is working fine. The service was fairly quick and very good, with excellent communication throughout.

    I am still very satisfied!
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  11. timothyh

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    Now that I have finally decided to purchase a LePan there is a statement that they are probably planning on a new tablet in 2012. Where did you see this or hear this? I would be interested in finding some information concerning the "new" tab. I have been convinced on the build quality of LePan and their service from several sales sites, and this thread. Not so much with other tabs---especially at this price point.

    thanks much,
  12. timothyh

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    Walmart is now stocking the LePan for $218.00 online. Price too good to pass up. Maybe they are coming out with a new tab indicated by this price drop.

    LEONLEWT New Member

    Update,.... this tablet is nice,...but wifi connectivity was poor and too unreliable for my liking,..even though its cheap,..I still want it to do the things that I need it to do. Prices will continue to drop on tablets,...I suspect soon there will be many different products under $300. So,..I sent mine back,...will revisit the tablet market after christmas.
  14. timothyh

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    Very impressed with the build quality of the Le Pan tab. Beautiful screen, and much better build than many other tablets, and all tablets in this price range. Runs most apps well, screen swipes not as fast as tablets running duel cores, but who cares. HBO go runs fine. Quite happy overall with the tab (new price less than $200 at Walmart online), BUT, the tablet while downloading from Amazon, started to force close everything. Reset tablet and it still was happening. Did a complete reset wiping tablet and solved the problem. Probably just a random event. BUT, the tablet must have caught the thrive's SOD because it would randomly fall asleep and not wake up with the start button. Had to do a hard reset. Happened at unrelated intervals 5 times in the last two days. Even though I'm now rather bummed, I returned the tablet---I really don't want to carry a paper clip with me everywhere I carry the tablet. Android still has problems, even with this "stable" version. I really wish Le Pan would post more information on their site like most other tablet brands.
  15. pmalavolti

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    i just ordered mine. is the port the same as ipad. it looks similiar. it would be nice to be able to use the ipad peripherals.
  16. Anespolo88

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    Hey, I have purchased a le pan tablet and I've been researching them for awhile. I've read that you need to side load the 1.4 netflix apk to be able to use netflix, I was wondering how you do this? Is there an app in the android market or do you need to do it from the internet? I've also read that there is a version of Skype that will support video calling on the lepan, does anyone know the link for that or how to download it??

  17. Yeroc

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    I'm considering purchasing one of these. It's on sale at for only $170 right now so am guessing the rumours of a new tablet coming out must be true.

    I'm wondering if there are any custom roms available for this tablet that might help extend the longevity since it's only running Android 2.2 as shipped? Otherwise, even at $170 I might pass on it.

  18. Manute

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    I just ordered one on for $169.
    Hopefully it works out great. i was thinking of the Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet, but wanted "more" android than those tablets were offering.
    This will be my first tablet.
  19. webeye

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    I too picked one up $170. Price lowered no doubt because there are so many coming out in all shapes and sizes. Great reviews on
    First tablet for me. Size played a big part and the reported battery life.

    Just came across this Forum...while looking for info regarding my new Le Pan.
  20. Hotshot555

    Hotshot555 New Member

    I too am thinking about the le pan, is it just as good as the iPad ? Or better ? Or worse ? Thanks.
  21. Sc00ter

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  22. wendydam

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    Hi I have been looking into buying a tablet, the Le Pan TC970 looks like a good one to be our first. Amazon has it for 198.98 and the screen protector for 8.90 which helps with the fingerprint issue.
    Thank you Nehinbin for the link to the great review on the LePan!
    and to everyone else who has posted information!
  23. Manute

    Manute Member

    I recieved my TC970 today. Looks good so far. I haven't loaded any apps onto it yet. Going to update the firmware first. Just waiting for my days off to play with it.
    Will update a review after I've had time to play!
  24. androidtp

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    is anyone gonna make a forum we can all go to for this device? i'm getting mines tomorrow and i looked for the lepan under all the other android tablets and it wasn't listed. any reason? perhaps low development?
  25. xirian

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    Is there any video chat that works right on the le pan? I got the modified skype, it sends video of me to the device im calling, but it flashes black and back to the app for a while when the call begins, and it shows me big to myself on the le pan and the other device's video in the small box. I tried fring but it shows lines in the little box and after 5 seconds says device is overloaded, call will disconnect.

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