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  1. webeye

    webeye New Member

  2. ponghclub

    ponghclub New Member

    Got my afew day ago and screw it up already big time:mad: but this is android device i have to set it back to factory setting.....power and + now i have to reload app again but it fun to play with. :)

    edit: i got my le pan from shipping and no tax......$198.
  3. androidtp

    androidtp Well-Known Member

    What did u do to screw it up? I wrote this from my LePan :)
  4. ponghclub

    ponghclub New Member

    I try to download SPB shell 3D ....i found out it is not compatible with this device but it let me play before force close come up....this launcher look so good i accidented set it my default and i can't get back to home screen that was the trouble start.
  5. TheRetroKid

    TheRetroKid New Member

    hello andriod forums!

    i just recently purchased a le pan (three actually, one for my parents, one for my sister and one for me) and so far, i am very pleased with it. i did a lot of research prior to buying, and in the end, the functions, options and price made the le pan a no-brainer.

    it plays netflix, it runs flash and you can watch internet streams. it pretty much does everything i'll ever need when i'm too lazy to power up my laptop, but the one thing that does leave me a little disappointed is the lack of a functional app that let's you utilize the web cam. i mean, what's the point of having a web cam when froyo isn't compatible with all the major web chat programs?

    i contacted le pan customer service for help, and they were fantastic. they were quick with a response and very polite. they suggested a firmware update, and supplied me with a download link. the problem is, i can't seem to transfer the files from my card and upload it onto my le pan. is anyone else having a problem updating the firmware? if you have done it successfully, could you please help a noob out and walk me through the process? to get an idea of what i'm doing, here's my process, step by step:

    -i downloaded the file
    -i extracted it directly to the card, basically creating a new file for it

    should i have extracted it to my laptop first?
    should i have placed it in a specific file on my sdcard?
    where is the "root" file?

    thank you for any help that any of you can provide.
  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Welcome To AF, Retrokid!

    What format is the file you downloaded? .exe/.bat/.apk?

    It might be you need to connect the tablet to the PC and run the exe file from the PC. I take it the instructions didn't come with the download? You've posted once, so the site filter should allow you to post links now. If you give me the download link, I can have a look for you.
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  7. ponghclub

    ponghclub New Member

    Can anyone tell me what is good about fw 4431? Thank.
  8. Manute

    Manute Member

    Pull the sd card out of the tablet. Insert into laptop. Erase EVERYTHING off the card.
    Extract the contents of the download to the card.. do not make any folders. This is what they mean by root.
    Then follow the instructions...
    Power off tablet
    Install sd card
    plug in if battery under 50%
    Power on using "press and hold (vol - ) and power,once logo shows,release power then release (vol-)"
    It should then be on the intall firmware screen
    Press vol- to select install firmware press power to start.
    Wait for install
    Use vol - to select and reboot using power to select.
    Should be installed correctly.

    They then tell u to install the 6 programs...i only installed the ones i wanted...(adobe)

    Hope this helps.

    Typed on my was that a pain.
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  9. TheRetroKid

    TheRetroKid New Member

    thanks for all the help and suggestions, everyone.

    el presidente: here's the link i was given Download 4431.rar from - send big files the easy way. i downloaded the file, then extracted it to my c drive. from there, i copy/pasted everything directly onto my sd card. i erased everything else on the card prior, so it was empty.

    manute: yeah, i followed those steps exactly and still got the "bad firmware" screen.

    could it possibly be the tablet? le pan told me that the build number is also the firmware number? out of the box, the build number is 4078, so i'm assuming it needs the update to 4431.

    i tried downloading the file again, and got the same results.
  10. Manute

    Manute Member


    It might be a bad SD card... do you have another SD card you can try?
    Also try downloading the 4431 file again, maybe it was corrupt.

    You said you have 3 of these?
    did you try a firmware update on all 3? if not try the other ones. Maybe 1 in 3 is bad?

    If anyone is wondering... the instructions from LePan are:
    Also, you might want to try these threads over in XDA, they talk about rooting but if you read through, they mention the firmware update as well. Maybe someone over they can help.

    Le Pan TC970 rooting problems help? - xda-developers
    Root Achieved for Le Pan TC 970 - xda-developers

  11. fuzzmanks

    fuzzmanks New Member

    Try and faster memory card than the one that came with the tablet. On another forum LePan support told the user that a slow card will give you the bad firmware message. The user put in a class 6 card and it worked the first time he tried to install the firmware.
  12. TheRetroKid

    TheRetroKid New Member

    thanks for all the help, everyone. i finally got it to work, and here's how...

    i was talking to customer service and suggested they send me the link to the file again because maybe the problem was with the file. they directed me to the customer support section of their site, where there were not one, but two files that had to be downloaded. it seems they split up the initial file they were sending everyone into two files, and after downloading both, i had no problems installing.

    i don't know exactly what's different with the firmware update though. does anyone have a list of changes?

    also, i'm loving the tablet, but still can't find a decent video chat app. i tried downloading the one that everyone's posting, but it still gives me a black screen =(.
  13. smallring

    smallring New Member

    The $169 deal is still available, so I just ordered mine!!

    But guess it may go down more? hehe
  14. ponghclub

    ponghclub New Member

  15. exscentric

    exscentric Well-Known Member

    Just a problem I ran into that others might find of interest. My new one had the old firmware so downloaded the new. Went through the procedure and was told the file was bad. I downloaded four times, tried three different sd cards and still nothing.

    Contacted Le Pan and got nowhere. They did tell me the only time that message comes up is when the firmware file is missing, or the sd card is missing.

    That made me wonder if the class of sd card could be a problem. Checked the one that came with the unit and it was not marked. The others I had been using were class 4. I dug around and found a class 6, went through the procedure and it worked perfectly.

    Evidently a slow card can cause the message as well.
  16. csands76

    csands76 New Member I ordered mine yesterday after doing some fairly extensive research and thought I had everything figured out. I got some misinformation as it relates to a "must have" app for me and whether it will work on this device. If anyone would be kind enough to see if WatchESPN is compatible with the LePan I would be greatly appreciative. I have a vague report that it does not (but it was from someone in Canada). IF it does not work can you access the WatchESPN directly form the ESPN website?

    Thanks in advance.
  17. Racoon

    Racoon New Member

    After reading all your comments, I finally decided to step-in. I ordered it from at 169 CDN$.. Funny, it is still at 249.99 USD on, but they are "temporairely" out of stock.

    Should be delivered before Xmas.

    Sure new and more powerfull tablets are coming but for a newbie like me, it will be a great start and hard to beat at the price!

    Thanks to all for your advices and support.

    Does this tablet can read ebooks from Amazon or others like .epub?
  18. Manute

    Manute Member

    Csands76 - I'm in Canada so i cant comment on watchespn...

    Racoon - lots of ereader apps on the market...
  19. ZombiJeeziz

    ZombiJeeziz New Member

    Hey all,

    I've had my Le Pan for a week now, and I love it! I took advantage of the 169$ deal at and bought one for the wife too! She's loving it as well.

    Here's some thing's I've discovered.

    1- Don't buy CoPilot for your offline GPS program if you're getting one. It won't work with this tablet. It's too bad, because I bought it for my Acer Liquid (phone) which is also running froyo and it works great, it's a good program. I ended up getting Sygic for the Lepan, and it seems quite nice. I needed to get one (GPS proggy) as I'm getting rid of my phone because work is now providing me one (Blackberry, ugh, but hey, it's free).

    2- My wife's tablet had a nasty habit of constantly freezing and having to hard reset (little paperclip hole button) until I updated the firmware and then it's been fine.

    3- The battery life is AMAZING! I've only charged it twice since I've had it, and I've been doing Netflix and gaming.

    4- The Targus leather case/stand for Touchpad fits this tablet great and works quite nicely.

    Anyways, thanks a million to all you guys for the reviews and caveats, as well as the links to proggies and accessories. I just wish they could come up with a decent music creation app (like ThumbJam on iOS) for Android.
  20. TheRetroKid

    TheRetroKid New Member

    watchESPN asks you to sign in with a provider before you can view, and your options are vios, verizon and some other carriers. didn't have any of them, so i don't know if you can view after you sign in, but you definitely can't just launch the app and watch episodes of sports center without jumping through a few hoops.
  21. 305 serboi

    305 serboi New Member

    anyone found a good screen protector for this
  22. androidtp

    androidtp Well-Known Member

  23. 305 serboi

    305 serboi New Member

    thanks i found a nice case thats made for an ipad 2 that im gonna get another acces for the le pan i know its new on the market
  24. NotSoTechy

    NotSoTechy Member

    Hi -- I am considering buying this for my dad as a Christmas present, but he really wants something that will double as an ereader that can handle epub, mobi, pdf and txt documents. Does anyone know if this can do that? If I would need to download an app for that, if someone could recommend an easy-to-use one that would work, that would be sooo appreciated! TIA! :)
  25. exscentric

    exscentric Well-Known Member

    Download the Kindle and the Nook readers if they aren't on the unit and that will cover it I think.
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