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  1. Anespolo88

    Anespolo88 Member

    Hey, I have the same question about how it handles pdf and txt documents, is this a good unit for that?

  2. exscentric

    exscentric Well-Known Member

    There are other readers as well - ireader, aldiko, cool reader (good in my mind) and others as well, just go to market and search for ereaders.

    txt files always work :) as to pdf, I haven't done a lot of reading on them but downloaded a few and they seem to work nicely. The screen is big enough so that you don't have to pad back and forth.
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  3. NotSoTechy

    NotSoTechy Member

    Thanks so much for your response! :) Does one usually need to have more than one app for this sort of thing or do they just do different things? (Would you use one app for one type of file and the other one for other file types?)
  4. NotSoTechy

    NotSoTechy Member

    One other question -- I just noticed that Amazon has the next version of this thing available. Is it worth waiting for it to come down in price? I don't want to get my dad something that will be completely obsolete and not supported in 6 months... :confused:
  5. exscentric

    exscentric Well-Known Member

    Yes, the kindle does kindle and pdf while nook does epub etc. You can get along with one app if you use Calibre a library/converter program. You can take one format and convert it to another format though there are limitations on purchased books that are protected.

    Almost any electronics you buy right now will be obsolete in 6 months. New features/products are coming out fast and furious.

    The Le Pan II (I've read online) is due out in Feb. but nobody seems to know for sure. It has a slightly faster processor and newer android system.

    Had I known it was coming out I would have waited, but since I already have the older version I will be satisfied with it. It is a nice unit and even if I waited till the II as soon as I got it something neater would be coming up :)
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  6. NotSoTechy

    NotSoTechy Member

    Thanks again! I ended up buying the Le Pan of, and am hoping it will get here before Christmas. I did some research on the ereaders, and I think I'll give the Alkido one a try -- it looks like it will do most of the stuff I'm looking for. There was one called Stanza that looked really good, but is apparently not being updated or supported anymore, so I'm thinking it's probably not the best choice.

    Interesting about the Le Pan II -- Amazon currently has it listed as currently out of stock. Unless I'm looking at an older version than the one I ended up buying...

    In any case -- I'm really excited and can't wait for this thing to get here, even if it is not for me! (At least I will get to play with it while I get it set up!) :D
  7. gfinockio

    gfinockio Active Member

    The Le Pan II should be out by the beginning of February - Le Pan just added the specs and description to their own site today.

    Try Mantano Reader, if you want to buy a eBook app - I prefer it over some of the other choices.

    I've had my Le Pan for about a week now, and other than some minor annoyances (a freeze here or there), it's been well worth the $170 I paid for it, shipped!
  8. luv2blze

    luv2blze New Member

    I got my LePan TC970 about 2 weeks ago and I love it!!! I have achieved permenant root and was able to change the screen density to get the icons and task bar smaller. It's quick and very responsive. I read several reviews on it and ordered the screen protector from ebay. It got to me before the tablet did, so I put it on before I even powered it on. The GPS is flawless! I use Sygic and it works great!! I got a Targus case for the Ipad that fits pretty well. I did have to make a SLIGHT modification, but no one even noticed. My friends and co-workers saw it and are pretty mad that it's sold out everywhere now. I cant seem to put it down for too long, lol. The battery life is ridicuous!! I still haven't been able to let the battery drain. It lasts forever, lol. It's truly the best bang for your buck!!
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  9. TheQis

    TheQis New Member

    I am getting the Lepan TC970 for Christmas this year. I have read all good reviews, but I have a few concerns. First, does anyone have a decent, usable video chatting app they know of that will work on the tablet?? I really want to use Skype or something of that sort but everyone is saying it's not compatible... Any advice?:confused: Also, any ideas were I can get some screen protecters? On Amazon the ones made for that specific tablet are $8.90 plus $4.90 for shipping WITH ONLY ONE SCREEN PROTECTOR!! help..! Are there an good, cheap cases out there that will work for the Lepan? Lastly, any good apps? If so, please name your favorites that are cheap or free... Please hurry I want to be ready for it by Christmas.. Thanks!!
  10. WhoCaresNotMe

    WhoCaresNotMe Member

    FYI, there is a new Le Pan TC970 forum here:
    Le Pan TC 970 - Android Forums

    I've asked the forum admin to move this thread, but in either case, it would be helpful if new posts with new topics where in then new group area.
  11. Forgivensinner

    Forgivensinner New Member

    I bought 3 of them from walmart for $198 trying to locate the case thats in a pic from their site that's similar to the one for iPad2.
  12. Caballo21

    Caballo21 New Member

    Got my last month from Walmart. It worked fine until two days ago. I am not able to create the initial Google account and load other aps such as YouTube. I get the following message: Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server" But, Yes I am able to browse the internet using the browser on the tablet. I downloaded and reloaded latest V. of Android 2.2 and problem continues. I submitted a help request to manufacture, waiting for answer.
  13. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    Staples has the Targus Truss Folio iPad case (SKU 403973 regularly $49.99) on sale for $9.99 for a few more days. This is the iPad version not the iPad 2 or the iPad 1 and 2 version. I bought one this morning in AZ. You can press on the the upper right hand case tablet holder which covers the power button to turn the tablet on. All the ports and switches on the tablet are accessible with the case closed and the four touch switches are not covered when the case is open like they are in most iPad cases. There was no stock online but the stores had the case in stock (my store's computer said 15 and there were several on the shelves. It's a little heavy but is made of leather, will be very protective and definitely shows the Targus quality.
  14. msardan

    msardan New Member

    Question regarding WIFI connection issues with Le Pan. Ive read about the issues with Le Pan having troubles re connecting to Home WIFI after connecting to another WIFI. My problem is I cant get my new LE PAN to connect to my HOME WIFI at all! It sees it, recognizes it, allowed me to select and enter WEP password, but it wil not connect.

    Under WIFI it says " obtaining IP address from WIFI NAME" then "scanning" then "connecting" then "disconnected." this cycles over and over

    Under WIFI NAME it says "obtaining IP address" then "remembered, secured with WEP" and that cycles over and over

    Ive contact Le Pan online support and have heard nada. Anyone have suggestions?

  15. Tstalker

    Tstalker New Member

    I bought mine about a month ago and LOVE it. I am slowly figuring out how to do things on it - like organize, but really it is very easy to use. I found for fingerprints, putting on a screen protector helps a bit. The connector is the same as the iPAD and other apple products.
  16. seecreatures

    seecreatures New Member

    I have only had my Le Pan for about five hours. I shut off my tablet after connecting it to charge on my home computer. When I turned Le Pan back on maybe thirty minutes later, the entire touch screen was working normally other than a one inch column on the right hand side-where the "soft buttons" are. This area of the touch screen was completely unresponsive. I rebooted the tablet a number of times, and the problem persisted. I even tried the filmware update. I then restored Le Pan to factory settings, and the problem did not go away.
    Is this fixable? Or is this thing DOA?
  17. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Sounds like a faulty unit IMO. :(
  18. electrokid

    electrokid New Member

    I've had mine for a week and after doing the update, it fixed the camera mirror effect. I'm using the Skype app for video calls with no problems...worked fine for me.
  19. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Given this tablet has its own section now, this thread is probably best placed there. :)
  20. gilly78201

    gilly78201 Active Member

    its going for $99 at
    I was on and noticed these tablets that come part of a bundle, and saw what they had some tablets for $99, then there was a button to see "9 other tablets" and that's where I see the le pan for $99
    now as for the "bundle" the other items in the bundle are optional. you can just take the le pan. funny thing is that the same tablet is listed at regular price if you just type in le pan tc 970 in the search bar. Sellers
  21. Manute

    Manute Member


    The LePan on that link is $99 MORE than the other tablets... it is not $99.

    Total price is $198. add it to the cart, check it again.
  22. gilly78201

    gilly78201 Active Member

    damn, I see whats going on now. I could swear last night I added to my cart, and it was $99. maybe I was so sleepy I was imagining
  23. notagenz

    notagenz New Member

    Big Lots has the LePan in store for $199. I've noticed a lot of tablets there.
  24. JoelleD

    JoelleD New Member

    Have you got online yet? Im having the exact same problem.
  25. zabbaskeema

    zabbaskeema New Member

    I just bought the Le Pan :)

    Can anyone share experiences/pointers on rooting the device?

    Thanks a million!

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