Anyone here ever use a remote desktop application? Why? What for?

  1. Sprockethead

    Sprockethead Well-Known Member

    I was thinking of getting one and trying it out, but I don't know how often I would use it. What do you use it for? Can you watch Hulu on your home PC on your phone? Is it more of a work-related thing? Is it just for forgotten files?

    Just wondering how useful an application like this is to the normal day-to-day user.

    Thanks for any feedback!


  2. CeePeeBee

    CeePeeBee Well-Known Member

    day to day user - not very useful at all. I use it at work occasionally, and when I used to allow VNC access over the net to my home network it was handy, but I used it once in a blue moon.
  3. jacob.dawid

    jacob.dawid New Member

    I am writing on an application that let's you use your phone as an input device via WiFi. I use it myself controlling a computer in the living room that is connected to the TV.
  4. Xavion2004

    Xavion2004 Well-Known Member

    I use it atleast 2-3 times a week, mostly because my desktop is connected to my tv its useful to change songs from a different room. Its also pretty cool if you are searching for something on your phone as soon as you pull it up, you can open it on your desktop. Honestly download it and give it a shot, if for nothing else than to impress a few people
  5. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    I use it to RDP into my computer at home. No real reason though. More of a "just because I can" thing.
  6. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    I've used it occasionally, but when I have it's been a life saver. I've used it to email myself files from home to work or vice versa.

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