Anyone holding out of Toshiba and skipping Xoom?General

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  1. zipur

    zipur Well-Known Member

    Review Maybe Toshiba has learned some lesson from the I & X releases. I like the spec on this guy, removable battery, standard usb, hdmi out, swappable covers. very nice.

    Or maybe the HP version Review

    Don't want to leave out Sammy Revie Tab 2

  2. bioluminous

    bioluminous Member

    it does look nice, and I am very interested in it, but I find it a bit weird/worrisome that there's never any info about it besides their site.
  3. bigboss97

    bigboss97 Member

    Toshiba looks nice! Any release date?

    What's HP webOS? Are there many apps? I don't like the 4:3 screen format. Did he mention any USB port?
  4. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    So far the Xoom Wifi only version will still be my next tablet. Unless another tablet comes out to knock it off my top spot. But it needs to be released for me to even consider it. So hopefully the Toshiba will be as good as the xoom but cheaper. :D
  5. photon00

    photon00 Well-Known Member

    Really like the specs on this thing. Ticks all the boxes for me. If Toshiba can undercut the Xoom price then they should be very competitive!
  6. zipur

    zipur Well-Known Member

    I wish Toshiba got their act together, slimmer than a Xoom, Replaceable battery man there are so many people on the Xoom board just waiting for another option. If they wait too long people will or would have made the jump to Xoom or the Ipad. Right now is the best time because of tax refunds people can justify. But if they wait till mid summer, it will be over. $5.50 for gas & $800.00 electric bills will be sucking up all income.
  7. bigboss97

    bigboss97 Member

    I hope it will be real this time. Unlike last year, just waited and nothing (good) with Android ended up in the stores. Lucky, I've got my crappy Flytouch to bridge the waiting period :)

    Honestly, I only need the back camera (webcam). It's a bit weird to hold the tablet to take a photo.
  8. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    I am totally expecting additional tablet announcements at the upcoming CTIA conference in Florida on March 22nd - Toshiba amoung them. The CTIA admin has already announced Android will dominate that conference and there "will be a major tablet announcement" to be made there. We already know the Samsung 8.9 will be announce - so that can't be "major" any more.

    I don't really know anything to be honest but I believe *anyone* who waits t oannounce after the WiFi Xoom comes out April 3rd or so will be left in the dust. With no word on exact release dates there is no point in waiting really.

    The Xoom is not perfect but its better than air. And I'm tired of waiting on air.
  9. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    This is very much the critical point. It *MUST* be released by the time the Xoom WiFi comes out, or everyone else should just go home.
  10. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    I'll actually pay a little more for the Toshiba than the Xoom. It looks better. It has better port options. The graphics have been enhanced. It has better other options too. None of the spec seems less than the Xoom.
  11. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

  12. photon00

    photon00 Well-Known Member

    Not really. Just think they need to guarantee specs and price before the Xoom comes out. We know the specs of the Toshiba. Which are the best out there for me. If they guaranteed a price cheaper than the Xoom, I would wait until May/June for it no problems.
  13. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I am skipping all until I get:

    1. Nice display
    2. USB host
    3. At least 16gb internal space
    4. Microsd
    5. Wifi only model
    6. Around $500

    All 6 MUST be met before I buy. gTablet will do fine for the duration.
  14. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Really? The Toshiba will certainly have the first 5 items on your list. At 32gb the price is expected to come in at $599, maybe slightly less. You're really not willing to go for the Toshiba because its not exactly $500 when it meets all the rest?

    You may be waiting a long time for something that really fits the full list.
  15. bigboss97

    bigboss97 Member

    I also need WiFi only. I just want to use it mainly in house.
  16. darethehair

    darethehair Member

    I was beginning to get disillusioned with the Notion Ink Adam situation, despite some exciting recent successes (i.e. Honeycomb and Ubuntu installs), but I recently viewed a YouTube video comparing video recording ability between it and a Xoom, and became *very* sad :(

    Xoom is way out of my price league, so that currently leaves Toshiba in the most 'hopeful' position. Beyond a great price and great screen quality, the other things I 'require' are:

    - compass/GPS = augmented reality = astronomy apps
    - rooting/Linux = smart people able/waiting for install alternate OS

    If I give up on the Adam, I also give up on the 'Pixel Qi' daylight viewing/long battery life abilities :(

    EDIT: Oh, and it 'goes without saying' that I would like HDMI output. I was surprised to read that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn't have that (?).
  17. darethehair

    darethehair Member

  18. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

  19. darethehair

    darethehair Member

    Both posts cause some skepticism -- mine because I have been unable to verify the source (none is given), and yours since I would wonder who has the inside track on release dates for multiple vendors all at once?

    Nevertheless, yes, it would be great to see something soon -- and for a reasonable price!
  20. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    Another similar posting - this time with an actual store. Different flyer though:
    Staples to Carry Honeycomb Tablet Offerings from Motorola, Samsung, Dell, HTC & Toshiba | Android Phone Fans

    The new one just says Coming Soon and no prices. Maybe a different store too though. For these models - no reason why you would only go with one store. Staples and other stores will surely carry these when they do come out.

    I liked your posting though most of all - it had the Toshiba releasing within days. I'm trying so hard to wait and wait and wait but its getting so tiring waiting.
  21. treefq

    treefq Active Member

    Biggest thing I am liking about Toshiba over any other tablet is the full size SD card slot. These things are cheap!!!!!

    I would also like to know what the full size USB port is being intended for. Memory stick ok, but what about other USB devices like a DVD player?
  22. bigboss97

    bigboss97 Member

    Does it? Hoe come here says micro SD?

    I prefer the normal size as well. If it's used as memory extention it's ok. But if I use it like a floppy :) e.g. copying music or videos from PC, it's a bit hard to take care of such small thing. Of course, one reason is also the big one is cheaper :)

    btw, does it have Bluetooth?
  23. Android4all

    Android4all Member

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  24. Ravynmagi

    Ravynmagi Member

    I just returned my Xoom today. It's probably not a bad thing that the Toshiba is coming out in June, because I think Google still needs a couple more months to fix some bugs and glitches with Honeycomb.

    Besides a few Honeycomb specific issues, I also had some concerns about the Xoom hardware. The screen quality just wasn't as good as I was hoping, contrast was a bit weak, colors faded noticeably at angles.

    I didn't like the back cover, it got stuff marks easy and felt like it was very scratch prone. And it just didn't feel comfortable to hold, I almost certainly would need to buy a gel case for the Xoom.

    So I guess it's kinda cool that the Toshiba Tablet already some with a nice rubber backing, hopefully it'll be more comfortable to hold.

    I was a bit put off by the Xoom's 730 grams of weight. And that is my biggest worry about the Toshiba Tablet. In video it a Toshiba rep said it weighted a little under 2 pounds, so that might mean it's even heavier than the Xoom. This would probably kill the Toshiba for me.

    But unfortunately I'm not too thrilled about the Galaxy Tab 10.1. it's very light at 600 grams, but has not USB port (have to use an adapter cable like an iPad) and no micro SD.

    So if Toshiba doesn't pan out due to weight, I'll have to start hoping the ASUS or Acer tablets are decent I guess. Haven't looked too much at them yet.
  25. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    I may skip the XOOM for this, or one of the HTC tablets that use that pen. Samsung has me interested too.

    After learning about the HTC tablets I'm leaning more to that now. Some ppl complain that you cant do real work on a tablet. With the pen you can sign forms, applications, letters. No need to print out, sign and scan back to the PC for emailing or faxing from the PC.

    I may wait til a tablet that uses the pen has better specs. But I am liking the HTC one, lower specs n all.

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