Anyone Interested in Selling an Up and Coming Mobile Service?

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  1. rft

    rft New Member

    Hi All,

    First an anti-sales intro--no push, totally no pressure.

    Read on for a way to make money in mobile services; outside of Master Dealer agreements etc. I am a founder of two new companies Solavei & Sellatrio and am currently on and using the New Solavei Mobile Service.

    Brief Summary: Solavei has inked a contract as an MVNO of T-Mobile.
    First offering: Unlimited Talk, Text, & Internet package for $49-- (month to month, no contract). All facts on the table (fine print): annual membership "think Costco" Fee $49, and $29 for a SIM to port over your GSM (virtually any T-Mobile or AT&T) phone--or buy a new phone if you are on Verizon or Sprint.

    Solavei is building the business through a direct sales model built around sophisticated facebook interface delivery tools and state of the art back-end sales management/ tracking systems. Intellectual Property is tangible and growing geometrically. The compensation plan is simple--work hard, leverage your networks and there is no cap. Contact me, I'll explain more.

    Solavei ops team/advisory board/investors consist of 4 former T-Mobile Sr. Execs: former CAO, COO & CCO, VP Customer Service, & former head of MVNO; former head of Mobile Data Services of AT&T & Sprint; former Chairman CEO of AOL, former CEO of Motricity, former CSO Palm, Former CFO Real Networks, former FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Chief of Staff, former COO Walmart & Target

    I am reachable at You can also find out more at and

  2. ApparitionXVII

    ApparitionXVII Active Member

    Oh.. so the $49 membership fee is annual?
    The service just keeps getting better and better......
  3. rft

    rft New Member

    And, neglected to note... Internet Speed: 4G up to 4 Gigs.
    Approaching double of what the majors offer... [/FONT]

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