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anyone is willing to help me flash ROMs?

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  1. samity

    samity Member

    im really getting tired of the stock rom.
    and ive been reading on all the roms but cant quite choose one yet.
    im looking for one rom that helps save battery, multitouch, and overcloking.
    i want it to look stock like jellybean or ICS.

    so i ask for anyone whos willing to help me get the correct one
    and help me flash it step by step. im also aware that i can brick my phone.

    so i ask for help please!!

    ((ascend 2 cricket rooted))

  2. diceman1000

    diceman1000 Well-Known Member

    this ROM


    and this kernel


    flash ROM>reboot>flash MMS fix>reboot>flash kernel

    you'll need to get a cpu control app, like set cpu or cpu control, from the market because this kernel is set at 780/122 OC settings...

    also, this ROM already has the JB, ICS, and HC themes in it...
  3. samity

    samity Member

    do you recommend partitioning my sdcard because i hate to run out of memory?


    NEVERMIND... i forgot i have link2sd app!!

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