Anyone know A100 support USB keyboard?Tips

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  1. androidbegin

    androidbegin New Member

    hi, I'm new
    Anyone know Acer A100 can work USB keyboard?

  2. vobguy

    vobguy Well-Known Member

    I dont have one (yet) but to my understanding it's one usb connection does not function in Master/host mode, so that would mean no.

    It is possible some time in the future that it could be made to work either by acer or by 3rd party developers.
  3. dhsviking

    dhsviking New Member

    It will not take a usb keyboard, but I have used a bluetooth key board with it and it works great.
  4. profmad

    profmad Member

    Why use ext. keyboard?
    The virtual keyboard is okay.

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