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Anyone know any roms for this phpne?

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  1. Empero6

    Empero6 Active Member

    Just wondering if anyone knows any working roms for this phone? :\

    edit* Just noticed that I misspelled phone lol

  2. justin39325

    justin39325 Member

    Yeah. If you go online and search up "Cyanogenmod". Then enter the official site, click on downloads, the look for "E739". There are only 2 stable roms available, Cyanogenmod 7.2 and Cyanogenmod 9. There are also nightly builds with the latest features for E739 but is unstable so I would decide against it. In my experience of repeatedly switching back and forth from both roms I found out that Cyanogenmod 7.2 uses less ram and has most features of Cyanogenmod 9 and even a Render FX feature! Hope this helps!:)

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