Anyone know how to create a "gallery" type folder.General

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  1. smashedrat2010

    smashedrat2010 Active Member

    Anyone know how to create a "gallery" type folder.

    I have downloaded a "frame grabber" app, i want to save my pictures into a folder on my phone separate from my gallery. (or even in the "camera" folder if thats do able)

    I can create a new folder and save the images fine but when i view them and hit the menu button i have none of the options i have in my default gallery, such as rotate, facetag, crop.

    Im happy to create new albums to sit next to my "camera" album in order to get the features but i cant seem to do this either.

    Great phone upto now loving the motion features and if anyone is intrested iv got the blue one it was delivered on Monday 11th Vodafone Business plan.

  2. smashedrat2010

    smashedrat2010 Active Member

    Iv done it sorry to waste your time but heres what i did.

    "my files">"DCIM" created new folder alongside "camera". change my app save location to this file, working fine.

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