Anyone know how to factory reset this thing?Support

  1. rjbaran17

    rjbaran17 New Member

    I would like to restore the phone to the way it was when i first turned it on out of the box. Anyone know how to factory reset so it wipes everything back to original?

  2. justme8800

    justme8800 Well-Known Member

    Settings > Privacy > Factory Reset.

    Not sure how extensive it is, I haven't tried it myself.
  3. Miss Spicy McHaggis

    Miss Spicy McHaggis Well-Known Member

    i've already done it to mine..

    power off, hold "volume down" and power button...then you'll see the option
  4. rjbaran17

    rjbaran17 New Member

    Thanks, ill give it a try.....
  5. apocalypse_later

    apocalypse_later Well-Known Member

    This won't wipe the data on the SD card. You should plug it back into your computer when done and delete stuff like your photos or anything else that might be on the card.

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