Anyone know how to get snesoid in galaxy note??General

  1. legiz

    legiz Member

    Dear all ,

    i dwnloaded a few roms and put into my phone and launch the snesoid
    emulator , inside the emulator i selected the rom and run , my screen
    turned black and return back to normal without the game being launch,
    like chrono trigger , earthbound , zelda , all cant work ,
    the extension files is , etc ; earthbound.sfc
    anyone knows pls help , thanks in advance!:)

  2. John566

    John566 Active Member

    It's working fine on my Note.
  3. legiz

    legiz Member

    hi , can u teach me how to use the emulator?
    did i miss out sumtin?
  4. legiz

    legiz Member

    anyone can help ?
    no one using snesiod or psxoid ?
    have been trying for few days just cant work...
  5. legiz

    legiz Member

    aw... am desperate

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